Palworld Guide: How Can You Catch Rare Anubis? Spawn Locations, Breeding Combos, and More



Palworld Guide: How Can You Catch Rare Anubis? Spawn Locations, Breeding Combos, and More

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Palworld is loaded with tons of powerful Pals, and one of them is Anubis. This Pal can help you upgrade your base and farm resources efficiently.
Are you wondering how to get Anubis in Palworld? Here's our guide to help you capture this rare Pal.

Throughout your journey in the open world of Palworld, you'll encounter various Pals with different strengths and uses. Some of these Pals can be your allies and help you with tough and challenging fights. One such Pal is the Anubis, which has incredible base attack stats and abilities such as Sand and Stone Blast. However, getting it can be incredibly challenging. In this article, we'll reveal everything you need to know about Anubis, including its spawn locations, breeding combinations, and more.

How Can You Find Anubis in Palworld?

Anubis is an Alpha Pal found in the deserted area just northeast of the Sealed Realm of the Winged Tyrant (-130,-96). Anubis roams around a large statue, and it’s a Level 47 Boss, which means you need to be well-prepared before fighting this monster.

Since you’ll be in the desert, sandstorms are always dangerous. So, keep an eye on your surroundings and ensure you have heat-resistant armor.

Anubis Location

How Can You Catch Anubis in Palworld?

Anubis stands as one of the most powerful Pals in Palworld. With its abilities and wide range of attacks, it can seriously damage and weaken any enemy it encounters in the game. 

Catching Anubis should be done using a Legendary Sphere. As it's a ground type, Pal, Anubis is weak against grass types. You must bring strong grass-type Pals such as Wumpo Botan, Mossanda, and Lyleen. The bottom line is that your roster must have strong Pals who can withstand Anubis' wrath. 

That’s not all; you also have to gear up with the best weapons to knock down Anubis once you’ve weakened it. When you get the opportunity, make use of a  Legendary Sphere to capture it.


Best Breeding Combos to Get Anubis in Palworld

If you don’t want to go into the dangerous desert and smack Anubis into submission, you can breed two Pals to bring Anubis to your base. Quite a few combinations can help you unlock Anubis, so don’t worry about traveling anywhere to get this Pal. Here are all the combinations to create an Anubis offspring –

  • Asrox + Pyrin

  • Broncherry + Relaxaurus

  • Caprity + Beakon

  • Celeray + Menasting

  • Gobfin + Suzaku

  • Incineram + Surfent

  • Kitsun + Jormuntide

  • Mossanda + Katress

  • Nitewing + Rayhound

  • Penking + Bushi

  • Quivern + Chillet

  • Ragnahawk + Tombat

  • Rushoar + Suzaku Aqua

Anubis’ Abilities in Palworld

Anubis is an Egyptian deity who is incredibly powerful and desirable. Here are some key traits that make it so prized in the game –

  1. High HP, Attack, and Defense

  2. Ground Pal

  3. Can learn strong Fire Move, Ignis Blast

  4. He drops very rare Large Pal Soul and manuals when you capture him.

Although capturing Anubis can be demanding, finally proving your strategic mastery by covertly turning him into an ally is incredibly rewarding at higher levels of the game.

That’s everything you need to know about Anubis in Palworld. For more guides, check out how you farm cakes in Palworld.

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