Palworld Guide: How to Catch Daedream? Spawn Location, Breeding Combinations, Drops and More


Palworld Guide: How to Catch Daedream? Spawn Location, Breeding Combinations, Drops and More

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Daedream is one of the most useful Pals you can catch in the game's early stages thanks to its useful abilities.
Are you wondering how to get Daedream in Palworld? Here's a complete guide to help you catch this Dark-type Pal.

Palworld’s addictive combination of monster-catching, survival, and base crafting mechanics has earned it a massive player base. Players are having a ball exploring the vast Palpagos Islands and completing their Paldecks with each new capture. There are over 100 unique Pals, with nine different types for players to capture. One of them is Daedream, the Dark-type Pal, which stands out due to its unique dreamy look and powerful abilities. In this article, we’ll reveal how you can find, catch, and breed Daedream in Palworld. 

Palworld: Who is Daedream?

Daedream is a Dark-type Pal and under #19 in the Paldeck. It’s one of the most useful Pals when you’re facing a Neutral-type Pal. This Pal has the Dream Chaser Partner Skill, which allows it to follow the player’s attack with dark magic that increases in damage for each level of the Partner Skill. It’s a must-have Pal when you’re starting out your journey in Palworld since you’ll be running into a lot of neutral Pals. 

That’s not all; Daedream has the following Work Suitability types –

  • Handiwork (Level 1)

  • Transporting (Level 1)

  • Gathering (Level 1)

Palworld Guide: How to Catch Daedream? Spawn Location, Breeding Combinations, Drops and More

These skills make it a great monster for your base, but it’s not as valuable as Anubis or Jetragon. The possible drops from Daedream are Paldium Fragment, Leather, and Fiber.

Palworld: How to Find Daedream?

You can find Daedream at the Plateau of the Beginnings or the starting area at night. This Pal appears elsewhere on the map and is always abundant while it’s dark. To find it, wait until it’s dark and search the island. Daedream glows purple in the dark. 

Palworld: How to Catch Daedream?

It’s quite easy to catch Daedream, as it’s a Dark Element Pal, which means you can counter it by using Dragon-type Pals. If you still don’t have a Dragon-type Pal, you can punch Daedream or hit it with a club to weaken it in no time. 

Palworld: How Can You Breed Daedream?

If you don’t want to waste your time venturing out to find this Pal, here are all the breeding combinations to get a Daydream offspring – 

  1. Direhowl + Foxparks

  2. Direhowl + Sparkit

  3. Flopie + Woolipop

  4. Fuddler + Gumoss

  5. Fuddler + Tanzee

  6. Gobfin + Jolthog

  7. Rushoar + Fuack

That’s not all; you can breed Daedream with other Pals to create some of the strongest Pals available in the game – 

  • Daedream + Celaray = Vaelet

  • Daedream + Mozzarina = Beegarde

  • Daydream + Caprity = Cawgnito

  • Daedream + Penking = Reindrix

That’s everything you need to know about getting Daedream in Palworld! For more guides, check out how you can reroll dungeon bosses in Palworld.

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