How to Get Sulfur In Palworld? Best Locations and Uses


How to Get Sulfur In Palworld? Best Locations and Uses

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Sulfur is one of the most crucial materials in Palworld when crafting Gunpowder, used as a material for ammo and weapons.
Are you wondering how to find Sulfur in Palworld? Here’s a guide to help you find this material.

In Palworld, players collect materials and resources to build bases and craft items. Some of these materials, such as Cement and Bones, are quite easy to find. However, some resources, such as Sulfur, are much rarer and require you to go out of your way to locate them. In this guide, we’ll explain how you can farm Sulfur in Palworld, including the best locations, uses, and more.

How to Find Sulfur in Palworld?

In Palworld, you’ll need various materials for crafting and survival. Sulfur stands out for its importance. It’s a key component in crafting powerful items and gear, most notably weapons and ammunition.

Here are some of the best locations to find Sulfur in Palworld – 


Sulfur is quite common in the first dungeons you find in the starting zones. Navigate through the dungeons and locate the Sulfur deposits, which look like yellowish rock formations. You’ll need a Metal Pickaxe or one of a higher tier to mine it. When you’re exploring dungeons for resources, you need to be prepared. Dungeons often have various powerful enemies, including Pals, which can wreak havoc if you don’t have the right gear.

Desert Biome

One of the best places to find Sulfur in Palworld is the Desert Biome. These areas are rich in Coal and Sulfur deposits. You’ll need a Metal Pickaxe or a higher-tier one to mine them. When you’re exploring the desert, you’ll need heat protection armor, as the area is incredibly hot. Make sure you have enough space to carry Sulfur, as you’re going to be far away from your base.

Starting Areas

You can also find Sulfur in the Starting Zone, but it’s quite a rare spawn. You’ll be better off venturing into the Dungeons or the Desert biome to find Sulfur

How to Get Sulfur In Palworld? Best Locations and Uses

How to Use Sulfur in Palworld?

The primary use of Sulfur in Palworld is to craft Gunpowder, which is an essential item for creating ammo for your guns. To get access to Gunpowder, you have to first unlock the appropriate Technology at Level 21. Until you do that, Sulfur is essentially useless.

Gunpowder can be easily crafted by combining Sulfur with two charcoal. You’ll be sitting with a pile of explosive granules ready to be turned into bullets. Given how crucial firearms can be in Palworld’s combat system, gathering as much Sulfur as possible is vital. 

That’s everything you need to know about finding Sulfur in Palworld. For more guides, check out how you can find Huge Scorching Eggs in Palworld.

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