Here’s How You Can Get Cement in Palworld


Here’s How You Can Get Cement in Palworld

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Cement is a crucial resource that is required to craft defensive structures like Gates and Walls to prevent you and your Pals from unforeseen enemy raids.
This material unlocks at Technology Tree level 19 and it requires 1 Tech point to unlock.
It is also used to craft Hyper, Ultra, and Legendary Spheres, which significantly enhance your chances of capturing high-tier Pals.

Apart from Palworld’s diverse array of creatures, it also encompasses numerous materials that can be used to craft various items that will ensure your survival. While resources like stone and wood will help you progress through the early stages, the game introduces more nuanced and complex materials as you climb up the levels. One such material is Cement, a crucial ingredient in building defensive walls and gates that will protect you and your Pals from unexpected raids. Let’s cut to the chase and figure out the requirements to make it.

How to Craft Cement in Palworld?

The first step involved in crafting Cement is to unlock it from the Technology Tree once you reach level 19. You will need just one Tech point to unlock its schematics and if you have not reached this point, check out our leveling guide to figure out how to quickly climb up and progress through the game.

tech tree cement

Once you unlock the recipe for crafting Cement, you need to gather the required resources. These are:

  • X50 Stone

  • X1 Bone

  • X1 Pal Fluid

While stone can be obtained by breaking down boulders with a pickaxe, collecting Bones requires you to hunt down Pals like Rushroar, Bushi, Gorirat, etc. Rushroar is the easiest to find as it is located right outside the Plateau of Beginnings near the Desolate Church and Small Settlement teleport points. It can also be found in abundance in the Marsh and Eastern Wild Islands.

Rushroad habitat

Additionally, you can also purchase 1 quantity of Bone for just 100 Gold from any of the Wandering Merchants on the map, with the nearest one located in the Small Settlement fast travel point. Pal Fluids can also be acquired by hunting down Water-type Pals such as Dumud, Penking, Celery, Surfent, etc. The most accessible Pal from this list is Penking, found in the No.1 Wildlife Sanctuary.

After acquiring all the materials, you can craft Cement using the High-Quality Workbench that unlocks at Tech Tree level 11.  You will need x15 Ingot, x50 Wood, and x10 Nails to craft one. If you’ve progressed much higher, you can also use your Production Assembly Lines to make it.

What Items Can You Build Using Cement in Palworld?

As mentioned earlier, Cement can mainly be used to build defensive structures like Stone Gate, Iron Gate, Metal Defensive Wall, Mounted Machine Gun, Mounted Missile Launcher, etc. Additionally, it is also a key resource needed to craft higher-level Spheres that significantly increase your chances of catching powerful Pals. Apart from this, here are all the other items you can craft with Cement:

  • Production Assembly Line

  • Flower Bed

  • High-Quality Hot Springs

  • Improved Furnace

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