Here’s How You Can Unlock and Craft a Viewing Cage in Palworld


Here’s How You Can Unlock and Craft a Viewing Cage in Palworld

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The Viewing Cage is a container that allows you to obverse captured Pals and save box space.
Are you wondering how to unlock and craft a Viewing Cage in Palworld? Here's a guide to help you get this structure in Palworld.

The latest survival game to take Steam by storm is Palworld, a title that has caught everyone’s attention with its unique blend of creature-capturing and immersive survival gameplay. Right from capturing unique Pals to collecting resources and crafting structures, there’s a lot for you to do in this title. 

The Viewing Cage is one of the most unique structures you can add to your base. This allows players to admire and observe their captured Pals without allowing them to roam around, battle, work, or have other needs. Without further ado, let’s take a look at how you can unlock and craft the Viewing Cage in Palworld.

What is the Viewing Cage in Palworld?

The Viewing Cage is a container for observing captured Pals in Palworld. This exhibit enclosure can hold one Pal at a time for inspection and doesn’t allow them to move freely or help in production at your base. Pals placed inside a Viewing Cage do not require feeding, which makes it useful for storing extra Pals or keeping your rare catches as a trophy. 

Keep in mind the caged Pals won’t be able to battle either. However, players who want to admire rare Pals such as Anubis and Jetragon can do so with a Viewing Cage. 

Here’s How You Can Unlock and Craft a Viewing Cage in Palworld

How to Unlock and Craft Viewing Cage in Palworld?

To unlock the Viewing Cage, you must reach Level 15 and spend two Technology Points to learn the Viewing Cage Schematic. Once you’ve purchased the Viewing Cage technology, you’ll require the following resources –

After collecting these materials, you need to open any workbench at your base and head to the Base tab to craft a Viewing Cage. You can store dungeon catches, weird Pals, or Legendary Pals in the cages to create a monster museum. 

Viewing Cages in Palworld is a perfect way to save box space. You can build a new Base entirely to have numerous Viewing Cages, which can make the breeding and condensing process much easier; you’ll be able to separate the Pals you want to use from the ones you want to condense.

That’s everything you need to know about The Viewing Cages in Palworld. For more guides, check out how you can catch Ragnahawk in Palworld.

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