Here's How You Can Speed Up Egg Incubation in Palworld


Here's How You Can Speed Up Egg Incubation in Palworld

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Hatching Eggs in Palworld is one of the best ways to get most powerful and efficient Pals for your base.
Are you wondering how to speed up egg incubation in Palworld? Here's a guide to help you.

In Palworld, one of the best ways to keep your Paldeck filling is by hatching eggs. Palworld offers many varieties and rarities regarding eggs, meaning you won't run out of efficient, adorable, and rare Pals. However, the hatching process can be rather slow, especially if you have a lot of these eggs. In this guide, we'll reveal how you can speed up egg incubation in Palworld.

How Can You Hatch Eggs Faster in Palworld?

Although hatching eggs in Palworld might seem easy, there's a whole process behind it. While the first couple of eggs you come across should hatch without any problems, it will start getting tricky once you start hatching Huge Dragon Eggs and Huge Scorching Eggs, which will require more care. Here are some ways through which you can hatch eggs faster in Palworld – 

1. Pay Attention to Your Egg's Needs

To hatch eggs more quickly in Palworld, you need to pay close attention to what the eggs require. After they've been placed in the incubator, they will have a status bar telling you how fast the egg is hatching or the temperature of the egg. 

If the egg is too cold, you'll need to put a heat source somewhere in the egg to bring up the temperatures. You can use a campfire or the heater next to your incubator to increase the incubation speed.

However, if the egg is too warm, you can cool it down by placing a cooler next to it. This would be for the eggs which hatch Ice-type Pals.

Here's How You Can Speed Up Egg Incubation in Palworld

 2. Change Your Difficulty Settings

Even if your egg is comfortable, it will take longer to hatch if you're playing in one of the higher-difficulty settings. With some eggs like the Huge Dragon Egg taking almost two days in real-time to hatch, even some players on Hard mode wouldn't want to wait that long for each egg to hatch. Here's how you can change your settings to speed up hatching – 

  • Head to 'World Settings'

  • Change your Difficulty to Normal or lower.

If you want to keep most of your settings but want to speed up egg-hatching times, you can change the "(h) to incubate Massive Egg" option. 

3. Change Your Hatching Configurations 

If you're playing Palworld on a dedicated server, you can go into the files and change hatching times. To do this, you need to –

  • Locate the "PalGameWorldSettings.ini" file by looking for it at "SteamLibrary/steamapps/common."

  • Once you've located it, open it and search for the "PalEggDefaultHatchingTime" setting.

  • Change the number to simply "1". This will increase your egg-hatching times, but it will only work on dedicated servers.

That's a complete guide on how you can speed up egg incubation in Palworld. For more guides, check out how you can breed Verdash in Palworld

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