How to Breed Verdash in Palworld? Spawn Location, Breeding Combos, Drops and More

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>How to Breed Verdash in Palworld? Spawn Location, Breeding Combos, Drops and More</p></div>

How to Breed Verdash in Palworld? Spawn Location, Breeding Combos, Drops and More

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Verdash is one of the most sought-after Pals, which can be the perfect battle ally and base assistant in Palworld.
Are you wondering how to breed Verdash in Palworld? Here's a guide to help you breed this powerful Pal.

Palworld is a brand-new open-world survival game that has taken over the world by storm. It’s currently one of the most popular titles and is smashing all sorts of records. The game’s core objective is catching Pals and using them for various purposes. One of the best Pals you add to your team is Verdash, who is a powerful battle ally and an invaluable base assistant. In this guide, we’ll reveal how you can breed Verdash in Palworld, including its spawn location, drops, stats, and more.

How Can You Find Verdash in Palworld?

Verdash has established itself as a fan-favorite Pal thanks to its adorable design and exceptional versatility. You can find this Pal at one of the following locations – 

No.2 Wildlife Sanctuary

This dangerous man-made island can be found on Palworld’s western edge. However, the entire sanctuary has been deemed a protected region, which makes capturing Pals illegal. You’ll have to escape patrols using a flying mount while battling Verdash.

Sealed Realm of the Swift Dungeon

At this location, you’ll come across Verdash’s miniboss version. The swirling portal entrance can be found in the Verdant Brook area. However, if you fail to catch Verdash, you’ll have to wait for an hour before it respawns. 

How to Breed Verdash in Palworld? Spawn Location, Breeding Combos, Drops and More

Since Verdash is a Grass-type Pal, you must bring strong Fire-type Pals, which can quickly bring down its health during showdowns. Equip your squad with powerful Pals such as Ragnahawk, and Jormunitde Ignis. Make sure to use high-level spheres for the best chance at a successful catch once you’ve weakened it.

 How to Breed Verdash in Palworld?

If you’re finding it difficult to battle Verdash, you can obtain a Verdash offspring by using the following breeding combinations – 

  • Lamball + Penking

  • Cattiva + Penking

  • Cremis + Penking

  • Direhowl + Caprity

  • Direhowl + Eikthyrdeer

  • Chikipi + Cinnamoth

  • Foxparks + Incineram

Other Breeding Combos for Verdash in Palworld

Getting Verdash lets you breed some of the strongest Pals in the game, such as – 

  • Tanzee + Verdash = Leezpunk

  • Melpaca + Verdash = Lovander

  • Penking + Verdash = Tombat

  • Teafant + Verdash = Gumoss

  • Lamball + Verdash = Daedream 

All Verdash Stats and Drops in Palworld

Not only is Verdash an excellent pal for combat, but this grass-type is also one of the most versatile palsin in the paldeck. It boasts some solid stats and drops, such as -

  • Paldeck No: 76

  • Element: Grass

  • Partner Skill: Grassland Speedster

  • Work Suitability: Planting (Level 2), Handiwork (Level 3), Lumbering (Level 2), Transporting (Level 2), Gathering (Level 3)

  • Drops: Bone and Leather

That’s everything you need to know about Verdash in Palworld. For more guides, check out how you can catch Anubis in Palworld.

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