Palworld Developers All Set to Add New Features to Combat Cheaters

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Palworld Developers All Set to Add New Features to Combat Cheaters</p></div>
Palworld Developers All Set to Add New Features to Combat Cheaters



Palworld developers have acknowledged the cheating issues in the game and have planned to introduce new features to combat them.
Pocketpair plans to add a player list function for game servers and an external anti-cheat solution. +

There’s no doubt that Palworld has proven to be one of the biggest surprises of 2024. The game has managed to smash some impressive records and continues to grow. While Pocketpair’s open-world survival title is fun to play, it’s no secret that cheaters have been present in the game since its release, ruining the experience for others. 

However, in a recent developer update, Pocketpair developers acknowledged the detrimental impact of cheating and fraudulent activities on the game’s honest players. The company has announced to combat this issue by developing new features, including introducing an “external ant-cheat solution.”

Pocketpair Outlines New Anti-Cheat Measures For Palworld

In the official statement, Pocketpair confirmed connection issues with the game’s official servers due to an influx of cheaters. The company apologized for “any inconveniences this may cause,” affirmed its zero-tolerance policy for such in-game activities, and said it’s working on dealing with it as a priority.

As part of these countermeasures, Pocketpair plans to first add a player list function for servers. This feature will help identify and permanently ban cheaters; it’s set to launch sometime during February 2024. Besides the player list function feature, an “external anti-cheat solution” will also be launched and made compulsory for the official game servers. As for the single-player, co-op, and community servers, the anti-cheat solution will be an option. The developers have stated that they’ll continue taking strict measures against further cheating activities. 

The entire Pocketpair team is dedicated to providing all players with a comfortable and fair gaming experience. The team’s ultimate goal is to ensure that people can play the game without the disruptive presence of cheaters and fraudulent activities. 

The developer update follows an incredibly successful early access launch for Palworld, with over 2 million concurrent players on Steam and a total player count exceeding 19 million on multiple platforms. The game’s success has established it as the “biggest third-party Game Pass launch ever.” With the continued support from players, Pocketpair remains committed to providing engaging, and safe gaming environments for all players. 

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