Here's How You Can Easily Get Berry Seeds in Palworld


Here's How You Can Easily Get Berry Seeds in Palworld

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In Palworld, Berry Seeds are crucial for players who want to feed their Pals or want to start a farm.
Are you wondering how to find Berry Seeds in Palworld? Here's our guide to help you grab this crucial resource in Palworld.

There's no doubt that Palworld has an incredible number of activities for players to engage with. You can craft powerful weapons, which can be used to defeat and capture Legendary Pals. You can craft weapons for these Pals and work together to take down powerful enemies in Boss Towers. You can even make these Pals work and increase your base's efficiency!

However, if you have many Pals working at your base, you'll need them well-fed. Resources such as Wheat can provide this, but another good source is Red Berries. In this article, we'll explore how you can obtain Berry Seeds in Palworld. 

How to Find Berry Seeds in Palworld?

Berry Seeds serve as the starting point for growing berries in Palworld. These berries have multiple purposes, from feeding Pals to crafting valuable items. Red Berries are among the common types you can grow, and they are essential for some recipes and for creating the Berry Stable. Berries can often give seeds when harvested, allowing for a cycle of planting and gathering.

Here's how you can find Berry Seeds in Palworld – 

  • Wild – You can find Redberry bushes all around Palworld, which allows you to grab Redberries and Redberry seeds.

  • Pal Drops – You can get Berry Seeds from Pals that drop this item. The creatures that are known to drop Berry Seeds upon interaction are Lifmunk and Gumoss.

  • Chests – As you're exploring chests scattered across the land, you'll run into chests that have the chance of containing these valuable seeds. 

How to Use Berry Seeds in Palworld?

Once you've obtained Berry Seeds, you can plant them to grow a constant flow of Red Berries at your base. However, you'll need a Berry Plantation, which is available in your Technology lab. You will need to progress through this tab up to Tier 5 before you can unlock Berry Plantation by spending Technology Points. 

Once you've unlocked Berry Plantation, you're going to need the following resources to construct it – 

Here's How You Can Easily Get Berry Seeds in Palworld
  • x3 Berry Seeds

  • x20 Wood

  • x20 Stone

Now that you've set up a Berry Plantation, you can use your Pals to make things much quicker by putting them to work. If you want to automate your Berry Plantation, you'll need to focus on work suitabilities such as Planting, Gathering, and Watering. Be sure to have the highest levels of these Suitabilities at your base to optimize the farming process. 

That's everything you need to know on how to get Berry Seeds in Palworld. For more guides, check out how you can catch Legendary Jetragon in Palworld.

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