Here’s How You Can Easily Get Pal Metal Ingots in Palworld


Here’s How You Can Easily Get Pal Metal Ingots in Palworld

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Pal Metal Ingot is a high-level material that can be used to craft advanced items and requires specific structures to craft.
Wondering how to get Pal Metal Ingots in Palworld? Here's a guide to help you get one of the most crucial materials in the game.

There’s no doubt that Palworld has explored the gaming scene in 2024. It has become the hottest game, and everyone is talking about it. Offering a sprawling, huge open world filled with friendly and enslavable Pals, it’s an incredible adventure that you can’t miss!

Pal Metal Ingot is one of the most crucial materials you’ll need to find in the game. It’s a key ingredient required for making advanced gear and items, such as Rocket Launchers, Metal Armor, and Legendary Pal Spheres. In this article, we’ll reveal how you can easily get Pal Metal Ingots in Palworld.

How Can You Craft Pal Metal Ingots in Palworld?

To get Pal Metal Ingots, you first need to craft an Electric Furnace at Level 44, which is unlockable for 5 Technology Points. Here’s what you’ll need to craft this structure – 

Once you’ve crafted an Electric Furnace, it’s ready to make Pal Metal Ingots, as its recipe is available by default. You’re also going to need a power generator and a strong electric Pal to power your electric furnace. Insert the following materials in an Electric Furnace to craft a Pal Metal Ingot – 

  • x4 Ore

  • x2 Paldium Fragment

Here’s How You Can Easily Get Pal Metal Ingots in Palworld

You can maintain Ore stockpiles by sending Digtoise, and other Mining Pals to harvest nodes across the Palpagaos island. Alternatively, you can also install automated Ore mining operations actions at one of your bases. Palladium Fragments can be obtained from crushing stones or fighting wild Pals.

How Can You Use Pal Metal Ingots in Palworld?

Pal Metal Ingots offer a way to access Palworld’s upper echelon items, including Legendary Pal Metal Helmet, Legendary Rocket Launcher, and Legendary Sphere. Here’s a complete list of items you can craft using this material –

  • Legendary Pal Sphere 

  • Homing Sphere Launcher 

  • Legendary Rocket Launcher 

  • Rocket Ammo 

  • Rocket Launcher 

  • Cold Resistant Pal Metal Armor 

  • Heat Resistant Pal Metal Armor 

  • Legendary Cold Resistant Pal Metal Armor

  • Legendary Heat Resistant Pal Metal Armor 

  • Legendary Pal Metal Helmet

  • Pal Metal Armor 

  • Pal Metal Helmet

You must craft Pal Metal Ingots to get these game-changing items. With the unmatched qualities of crafts from Pal Metal Ingots, these resources also double as an invaluable commodity. 

That’s everything you need to know to get Pal Metal Ingot in Palworld. For more guides, check out how you can catch Jetragon in Palworld.

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