How to Catch Tower Bosses in Palworld? All Tower Boss Locations


How to Catch Tower Bosses in Palworld? All Tower Boss Locations

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Tower Bosses are crucial in Palworld, and capturing them can enhance your gameplay and help you progress quickly.
Are you wondering how to catch Tower Bosses in Palworld? Here's a guide to help you get these powerful bosses.

Palworld has a huge list of Pals that you can capture during your adventure at Palpagos Island. As capturing monsters is the game's main objective, players would certainly want to catch each of them. Alongside regular Pals, players will also go against Tower Bosses, which can be incredibly hard to beat. 

Previously, there was no way to catch Tower Bosses in Palworld. But recently, a workaround has been discovered that allows players to catch these bosses and add them to their Paldeck. In this guide, we'll take a look at how you can catch these bosses in Palword. 

How Can You Catch Tower Bosses in Palworld?

Palworld has five dangerous bosses, which can be found in Towers scattered around the game's vast map. Taking down these tough bosses will give you five ancient Technology Points. However, a glitch allows you to capture them as well.

Here's how you can easily catch Tower Bosses in Palworld –

  1. Make sure to tag the fast travel point near a Boss Tower. Also, tag a fast travel point near a settlement with guards. 

  2. You need to attack a guard in the settlement and then fast-travel to a Boss Tower's location and enter it.

  3. When you do this, NPCs will also enter the Tower and engage in the battle.

  4. You need to evade the Boss' abilities and wait for it to attack guards instead. After that, toss any type of Pal Sphere. This glitch will allow you to capture Tower Boss, ending the encounter and giving you a powerful ally for the future.

All Tower Boss Locations in Palworld

Rayne Syndicate Tower

  • Coordinates - 110, -431

  • Bosses: Zoe and Grizzbolt

  • Pal Element: Electric

  • Pal Weakness: Ground

Free Pall Alliance Tower

  • Coordinates: 182, 30

  • Bosses: Lily and Lyleen 

  • Pal Element: Grass

  • Pal Weakness: Fire

Eternal Pyre Tower

  • Coordinates: -584, -514

  • Bosses: Axel and Orsek

  • Pal Element: Electric and Dragon

  • Pal Weakness: Ground and Ice

Tower of the PIDF

  • Coordinates: 558, 338

  • Bosses: Marcus and Faleris

  • Pal Element: Fire

  • Pal Weakness: Water

PAL Genetic Research Unit Tower

  • Coordinates: -150, 440

  • Bosses: Victor and Shadowbeak

  • Pal Element: Dark

  • Pal Weakness: Dragon

That's everything you need to know on how to catch Tower Bosses in Palworld. For more guides, check out how you can survive the desert heat in Palworld.

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