Here’s How You Can Heal and Revive Fallen Pals in Palworld


Here’s How You Can Heal and Revive Fallen Pals in Palworld

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Players can automatically heal their injured Pals as long as their hunger bar stays above a certain threshold. If not, you need to feed them either directly or through the Feed Bag.
Reviving incapacitated Pals requires you to deposit them into the Pal Box for 10 minutes.
This guide will also provide you with cures for various ailments that might affect your Pals.

While embarking on exciting adventures with your companions, you will encounter numerous foes that are capable of incapacitating both you and your Pals. While healing yourself is pretty straightforward, the same cannot be said for your companions who are dependent on you to rescue them. Thankfully, the game offers different mechanics to revive fallen Pals as well as heal them from any ailments that can plague them. Let’s cut to the chase and figure out how to get your beloved companions back on their feet and ready for combat.

How to Revive Incapacitated Pals in Palworld?

To bring your fallen Pals back to life, you need to carry them back to any one of your bases and deposit them inside the Palbox from your Party. Upon doing this, you will have to wait for 10 minutes for your Pals to be restored with life and ready to perform various tasks around your base. Note that this is the only way to rescue incapacitated Pals in the game.


Healing Injured Pals in Palworld

Restoring the health of your Pals is a relatively simple process in Palworld. All you need to do is head into your Inventory and navigate to the Party tab.  Here, you will see a health bar and a hunger bar. As long as your hunger bar stays above a certain level, your Pals will automatically regenerate HP. However, you need to keep in mind that they cannot heal while being active in your party.

You will be notified if your companions go hungry and you will also be able to see each Pal’s stats on the base info tab whenever you visit any of your settlements. Additionally, you can also set up a Feed Bag once you reach level 10, which will automatically feed them as long as there’s a continuous flow of food resources.

How to Recover Your Pals From Various Ailments in Palworld?

The harsh biomes of the Palpagos Islands will impact your Pals in many ways, giving them various ailments that need to be cured before it's too late. Thankfully, the game provides you with numerous medical supplies to counteract this issue. Here are all the cures for various illnesses that might affect your beloved creatures:

  • Cold and Sprain: Low-Grade Medical Supplies

  • Fracture and Ulcer: Medical Supplies

  • Weakened and Depressed: High-Grade Medical Supplies

While we’ve already covered High-Grade Medical Supplies in detail, crafting Low-Grade Supplies is relatively easy and all you will need are x5 Red Berries and x2 Horns. You can also purchase them from a wandering merchant for 240 Gold each.

medical supplies

Medical Supplies can also be purchased for 800 Gold and crafted using x3 Ingots, x3 Horns, and x1 Bone. High-Grade Medical Supplies can also be purchased from merchants but they cost a pretty penny at 3000 Gold. Remember that making these requires access to a Medieval Medical Bench and considering its long preparation time, you can also assign healthy Pals with Medicine Production Suitability to do the work for you.

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