Here’s How You Can Unlock a Feed Bag in Palworld


Here’s How You Can Unlock a Feed Bag in Palworld

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Feed Bags are an incredible item to equip yourself with so your character and adorable Pals can eat whenever they get hungry.
Wondering how to unlock a Feed Bag in Palworld? Here's everything you need to know.

Palworld has proved to be one of the heavy hitters for 2024’s gaming landscape. The open-world survival game with just a hint of capitalism has captured every gamer’s heart and attention, surging quickly up Steam’s charts. 

It’s a survival game, meaning players must care for themselves and their Pals in multiple ways, including feeding. After a long day of hunting and exploring Dungeons, you and your Pals will get tired and need food. One way to make sure your team is properly taken care of is by using a Feed Bag. It’s one of the handiest items, making the game much easier for you. Without further ado, let’s take a look at how you can unlock Feed Bag in Palworld.

How to Get a Feed Bag in Palworld?

Food is undoubtedly one of the most crucial resources in the game; you and your Pals won’t be able to function without it. Once you start starving, you’ll lose HP and become an easy target for everyone. That’s why the Feed Bag in Palworld is the perfect item to keep you alive.

The Feed Bag works as an automatic food dispenser for you and your Pals. To get a Feed Bag, you must unlock its recipe with the help of Ancient Technology Points. Once you’ve unlocked the recipe, you need the required materials to craft it on a Workbench. You need to create smaller bags first as a requirement to create the bigger ones. 

Here’s How You Can Unlock a Feed Bag in Palworld

Here are all the recipes to create these bags – 

Small Feed Bag – Level 10 

  1. x10 Fiber

  2. x5 Wood

  3. x3 Leather

Average Feed Bag – Level 20

  1. x30 Fiber

  2. x10 Wood

  3. x10 Leather

Large Feed Bag – Level 26

  1. x50 Fiber

  2. x20 Wood

  3. x20 Leather

Huge Feed Bag – Level 35

  1. x90 Fiber

  2. x30 Wood

  3. x35 Leather

  4. x10 Carbon Fiber

Giant Feed Bag – Level 45

  1. x200 Fiber

  2. x50 Wood

  3. x50 Leather

  4. x20 Carbon Fiber

How Can You Use a Feed Bag in Palworld?

After you’ve crafted and collected the feed bag, it will be added to your inventory. You will now unlock the Feed Bag slot under your character’s avatar in the inventory menu. You can place any food item in there, and your Pals will be able to eat it automatically whenever they’re hungry. 

Here’s How You Can Unlock a Feed Bag in Palworld

It’s a valuable feature to have during intense combat and exploration as it would save you a lot of time and prevent the effects of starvation.

That’s everything you need to know about unlocking a Feed Bag in Palworld. Be sure to follow us, as we’ll bring you the latest Palworld news and guides. 

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