Here’s How You Can Farm Pure Quartz for Circuit Boards in Palworld


Here’s How You Can Farm Pure Quartz for Circuit Boards in Palworld

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Pure Quartz is a crucial resource essential for crafting Circuit Boards which powers several high-tier equipment in Palworld.
This guide will provide you with two viable locations to set up an autonomous Pure Quartz mining farm.
You can mine Pure Quartz using any Pickaxes and even assign Mining Pals to make the job easier.

The diverse biomes of the Palpagos Islands contain numerous resources that are used to craft various items and build numerous structures around your base. While the game does provide you with a general idea of where to find these resources, it can be quite an ordeal to tread through the treacherous regions of Palworld. One such crucial material is Pure Quartz, which is solely used for the purpose of making Circuit Boards used to create several high-quality equipment in the game. Let’s jump right in and take a look at how to farm this elusive resource.

Where Can You Find Pure Quartz in Palworld?

Pure Quartz can be mined from various regions spread across the Palpagos Islands, however, the most prominent location is the snowy biome on the northwest side of the map. You need to teleport to Unthawable Lake and travel west toward the Pristine Snow Field. You will find the site in between these two teleport points at coordinates -211, and -250.

mining site

You need to keep in mind that the Frostbound Mountains of the north will have dangerously low temperatures so you need to carry Cold Resistant Armor and Thermal Underwear to keep yourself warm. You will also encounter numerous foes that are at least level 25 and above so make sure you equip yourself with a Fire-type Pal like Kitsun, Pyrin, or Faleris, and the best weapons from your arsenal. This mining site will offer you over 6 nodes of Pure Quartz that are identifiable by their slightly dark yet crystal-like appearance.

second location

You can also find another site if you travel down from the snow region to the Greenlands of the mountain. You will find plenty of Pure Quartz between the Icy Weasel Hill and No Man’s Trail (-32, 91), and the main advantage of this area is that you need not wear any Cold-resistant gear. However, you will still have to deal with hostile Pals that will be somewhere between level 25 to 40 depending on the area.

How to Establish a Pure Quartz Farm in Palworld?

To set up a Quartz farm, you will need to build a base in the aforementioned areas and provide all the necessary items and resources for your Pals to sustain themselves. Once you’ve established your settlement, you need to craft storage boxes and assign Mining and Transporting Pals to the base to create an autonomous Pure Quartz mining farm. Some of the best Pals for this task would be:

  • Digtoise

  • Repytro

  • Menasting

  • Helzephyr

  • Wumpo

  • Wumpo Botan

  • Astegon

  • Blazemut

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