Here Are the Best Lumbering / Logging Pals for Each Phase in Palworld


Here Are the Best Lumbering / Logging Pals for Each Phase in Palworld

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Lumbering or Logging Pals are crucial to obtaining an abundance of Wood and Fiber, required to construct numerous structures in Palworld.
Apart from using the following Pals for lumbering, you must also set up a logging site, a Crusher, and the Stump and Axe to improve the logging efficiency of your Pals.

Palworld encompasses a huge catalog of over 130 Pals featuring unique powers and skill sets. Besides their proficiency in combat, each Pal is equipped with suitabilities to perform specific tasks around your bases. One such task is lumbering, which involves chopping down Trees around your base or at logging sites to essentially acquire a continuous flow of resources like Wood and Fiber. Without further ado, here are the best logging Pals for each game phase in Palworld.

What Are the Best Pals for Lumbering / Logging in Palworld?

Best Lumbering Pals in the Early Game Stage

If you are in the early game phase, these are the most effective Pals you can use for logging:

  • Tanzee

  • Lifmunk

  • Robinquill

Although these Pals are only equipped with Lumbering level 1 suitability, they can be acquired easily without venturing out into the hostile regions of the Paplagos Islands. Tanzee can be found if you simply follow the path to the western side of the Windswept Hills from the Plateau of Beginnings spawn point, and also on the Eastern Wild Island.

tanzee, lifmunk, and robinquill

Lifmunks are abundant throughout the Marsh Islands to the east of the Plateau of Beginnings but you can also spot them at Small Settlement, Desolate Church, and Fort Ruins teleport points.

Robinquill on the other hand, is found throughout the Moonless Shore region, accessible through teleport points such as:

  • Ancient Ritual Site

  • Cinnamoth Forest

  • Hypocrite Hill

  • Lake Center

  • Mount Flopie Summit

Best Lumbering Pals in the Mid-Game Phase

If you have progressed through the initial phases of the game, you can try your luck hunting down Pals with Lumbering level 2 suitability such as:

  • Mossanda

  • Eikthyrdeer

  • Dinossum

  • Elphidran

The easiest logging Pal to acquire from this list is the Eikthyrdeer, which can be found throughout the eastern coast of the Palpagos at Eastern Wild Island, Marsh Island, and Sea Breeze Archipelago Island. Dinnosum can be spotted near the Desolate Church and Small Settlement teleport point as well as on the Eastern Wild Island. 

mid tier pals

To acquire Mossanda, you need to head to Verdant Brook, the large green island on the northern central region of the map. You can find an abundance of them from the aptly named Mossanda Forest teleport point.

If you have acquired potent weapons, armor, and a flying Pal such as a Nitewing or a Quivern, you can also head out to the No. 1 Wildlife Sanctuary, east of the Sea Breeze Archipelago Castaway Beach to find Elphidran

Best Lumbering Pals in the End-Game Stage

If you’ve made significant progress and reached the end-game phase, you can hunt down various Pals with level 3 Lumbering suitability such as:

Wumpo can be hunted down from the Astral Mountains on the northern icy biome of Palworld, while the hybrid Wumpo Botan and the Grass and Ground-elemental Warsect can be acquired from the No.2 Wildlife Sanctuary to the west of the Forgotten Island teleport point and east of the Ruined Fortress City teleport point.

end game pals

Bushi on the other hand, can be acquired from the southern part of the volcanic Mount Obsidian region accessible through the Fisherman's Point, Mount Obsidian Anubis Statue and Sea of Everlasting Summer teleport points. Apart from setting up the Crusher and the Logging Site, players can also build the Stump and Axe at your base to increase the logging efficiency of the Pals in your base. This structure unlocks at level 28 and needs 2 Tech points to be unlocked. Here are the required resources to construct it:

  • X150 Wood

  • X30 Stone

  • X40 Ingot

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