Chillet in Palworld: Habitats, Stats, Breeding Combos, and More


Chillet in Palworld: Habitats, Stats, Breeding Combos, and More

Surya Kumar
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Chillet is a potent early-game Ice and Dragon Pal, serving its use as an efficient worker and a decent ground mount in the game.
You will find Chillet in the snowy biomes of Frostbound Mountains and Astral Mountains, both during the day and night.
Apart from the level 11 Alpha Pal, you will also occasionally find Chillet roaming the fields on Windswept Hills.

The diverse biomes of the Palpagos Islands are home to over 130 creatures that belong to nine different elemental types that determine their traits and abilities. While most Pals wield only a single type of power, a select few of them are talented enough to master two different elemental traits. A standout example is the Chillet, a Dragon and Ice Pal known for being an effective Ground mount in the early stages of Palworld, while also serving as an adept worker in your base. Let’s jump right in and explore its stats, spawn locations, breeding combinations, and more.

Where Is Chillet’s Habitat in Palworld?

Chillet is mainly found in two different locations in Palworld. The first location is the small green island right underneath the snowy biomes of the Astral Mountains. You can instantly get there using the Icy Weasel Hill, No Man’s Trail, and Cold Shore teleport points. The second location is the Frostbound Mountains spotted in the Northern part of Verdant Brook, the large green island underneath the Desiccated Desert region. You can reach this icy area using the Free Pal Alliance Tower Entrance teleport point or by traveling east from the Snowy Mountain Fork point.

habitat chillet

You will also find a Level 11 Chillet Alpha Pal in the Windswept Hills region to the east of Rayne Syndicate Towers and south of Fort Ruins. If you barely meet the level requirements, you need to take a Fire-type Pal such as Incineram, Pyrin Noct, Kistun, Bushi, etc., as Chiller is weaker against them.

chillet alpha pal

Once unlocked, you can access Chillet’s Wriggling Weasel partner skill which significantly increases your attack rates and changes your attack type to dragon while you are riding it. However, you need the Chillet Saddle which unlocks at Tech Tree level 13 to activate this ability. Here’s what you need to craft one:

  •   X10 Leather

  • X20 Fiber

  • X20 Paldium Fragments

  • X5 Cloth

Breeding Combinations for Chillet in Palworld

Combining the opposite genders of the following Pals will produce a Frozen Egg which must be deposited into an Incubator to produce a Chillet offspring. These are:

  • Woolipop + Sweepa

  • Penking + Gobfin

  • Nitewing + Nox

  • Mossanda + Nox

  • Nitewing + Woolipop

  • Rayhound + Celaray

  • Pyrin + Tanzee

Here are the base stats of Chillet (Paldeck No 055):

  • HP: 90

  • Defense: 80

  • Melee: 100

  • Shot Attack: 80

  • Food: 3

  • Drops: Leather

chillet paldeck

Chillet also has two suitabilities; Gathering and Cooling Level 1,  used to run Ice-powered machines, and for the autonomous operation of various Plantations in your base. Additionally, you can also breed several other Pals using the Chillet in your Breeding Farm. These are:

  • Mossanda + Chillet = Incineram

  • Elizabee + Chillet = Anubis

  • Penking + Chillet = Vanwyrm

  • Celaray + Chillet = Kitsun

  • Beakon + Chillet = Grintale

That is pretty much everything you need to know about Chillet in Palworld. Note that the breeding combinations were provided by Game9’s breeding calculator.

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