Can You Still Access Palworld’s Duplication Glitch After Update


Can You Still Access Palworld’s Duplication Glitch After Update

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Palworld contains a duplication glitch that allows its players to farm various resources within the comfort of their settlements.
Thankfully, this glitch remains accessible after the game’s latest update, although it does have certain limitations.

Palworld has come a long way since its early access release on 19th January, with the developers at Pocketpair working tirelessly to patch up game-breaking bugs and glitches while also implementing fresh content with their updates. While glitches have sadly become common in most early-access titles, many players consider Palworld’s bugs advantageous.

One standout example is the Duplication Glitch, allowing players to easily gain an abundance of resources, without going through the time-consuming process of farming them from the world. Considering the release of update 0.5.1, numerous gamers are curious to know if this glitch remains accessible in the game or if it has been patched.

Does the Duplication Glitch Remain Accessible After Palworld’s Latest Patch?

Thankfully, players can still advantage of Palworld’s duplication glitch even after update 0.5.1. Performing this glitch still requires you to locate a structure from the build menu that is constructed using your desired resource. After finding one, you need to head just outside the blue line of your base and press the craft button simultaneously as you walk out.

Upon executing it successfully, the game’s building mechanic will be tricked into thinking that the specific structure has been placed. What’s interesting is that it does so without using any of the resources in your inventory, essentially allowing you to duplicate various materials. You then need to disassemble the building to gain additional resources. This process can be done multiple times, eliminating the need to venture out into the hostile regions of the Palpagos Islands for necessary materials.

storage box

Additionally, you can also place a Storage Box inside your base, right beside the blue perimeter line of your base, just in case you get over-encumbered or get stuck in place while attempting to do this. This makes sure the gained resources are safely deposited if you have to reload the save or even restart the game.

Remember that you need to transfer the required resources from your character to your bases’ inventory, as the glitch cannot be leveraged without doing so.

If you happen to get stuck during the process, you can also use your Grappling Gun, to pull yourself into the base by firing it at the nearby Storage Box, eliminating the need to reload or restart Palworld.

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