Who Are the Top Gamers in Maharashtra and How Much Do They Earn?

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Shreeman Legend


Maharashtra is home to some of the biggest content creators and esports players in India.
From making videos that entertain millions of viewers to competing at the highest level, gamers from Maharashtra are finding success in the world of gaming.

India’s gaming community is growing rapidly and we are seeing content creators and pro players make a name for themselves from all parts of the country. Some of the most influential figures in the gaming and esports space come from Maharashtra and they have made a name for themselves in India and abroad. Whether it’s competing in games like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) and Valorant or creating top-notch gaming content, here are the top five gamers in Maharashtra that you need to know about.

The Biggest Gamers from Maharashtra

Let’s take a look at five of the best content creators and esports players from Maharashtra. Do note that the estimated earnings are based on competitive esports earnings data from Liquipedia and Socialblade as well as publicly available information. Their actual earnings may be very different from what is represented below.

Ghatak Gaming 

  • Real Name: Abhijeet Harishchandra Andhare

  • Subscribers (YouTube): 532,000

Ghatak is an esports player, a content creator and the founder of Team ORB. He is currently a full-time esports manager and coach for GodLike esports. Hailing from Pune, Maharashtra, Ghatak pursued gaming and photography. It was PUBG Mobile that made him commit full-time to gaming. He has played games like CS:GO, Dota and Age of Conquerors but he is best known for PUBG Mobile and BGMI.

How much does Ghatak earn?

Ghatak’s lifetime earnings from esports are estimated to be over $51,000. He earned an estimated $116 USD to $1,900 USD from YouTube videos per year according to SocialBlade.

Shreeman Legend

  • Real Name: Siddhant Praveen Joshi

  • Subscribers (YouTube): 2.5 Million 

Shreeman Legend is popular among gaming fans of Maharashtra due to his Marathi commentaries. He is one of the first Indian gamers to make gaming videos in a regional language. He streams in both Marathi and Hindi actively and you can catch him live almost every single day. He used to primarily play PUBG Mobile but he has diversified his content and has delved into games like Grand Theft Auto (GTA) and Among Us.

How much does Shreeman Legend earn?

Shreeman Legend earns anything between $4,700 USD and $75,700 USD from his main YouTube channel alone, according to Socialblade. He actively works with major brands like Intel and ROG so his actual earnings are likely to be much higher than what the estimates say.

Dynamo Gaming 

  • Real Name: Aaditya Sawant

  • Subscribers (YouTube): 10 Million

Dynamo Gaming&nbsp;

Dynamo Gaming 

Aaditya started his content creation journey in 2010 but he dedicated himself to gaming from 2017. He is not only a successful gaming content creator but he also runs a vlogging YouTube channel and is one of the biggest personalities from India on Instagram with over 2 million followers. With over a billion total views on YouTube, he is one of the most successful content creators from India.

How much does Dynamo Gaming earn?

According to SocialBlade, Dynamo Gaming earns anything between $26,700 USD and $426,500 USD a year. In a single stream he once made over $400 USD. This does not include his income from paid promotions and sponsorships.

Kronten Gaming 

  • Real Name: Chetan Sanjay Chandgude 

  • Subscribers (YouTube): 2.05 Million

Kronten Gaming&nbsp;

Kronten Gaming 

Chetan Sanjay Chandgude is a professional esports player, PUBG Mobile/BGMI streamer and social media influencer from Pune, Maharashtra. In addition to being one of the biggest content creators from India, he also created GodLike Esports, which is one of the leading esports organizations in India. He has stopped posting videos on YouTube but he continues to stream on the platform occasionally. 

How much does Kronten Gaming earn?

Kronten Gaming’s current income from streaming and content creation is unknown as he is not as active as he used to be. He is currently focused on GodLike Esports’ operations, which has earned over $120,000 from BGMI tournaments alone, which does not factor sponsorships.


  • Real Name: Karan Mhaswadkar

  • Subscribers (YouTube): 46,600



Excali is an Indian player who previously played for teams like Team iNvictus, Entity Gaming, Velocity Gaming (formerly Team Mahi) and more. He has competed in both CS:GO and Valorant and is one of the veteran esports players in India. He has won dozens of esports events and has also represented India at the international level at events like the Valorant Conquerors Championship, Valorant Challengers 2023, ESL India Premiership and more.

How much does Excali earn?

According to Socialblade, Excali makes $226 USD yearly from YouTube. He has also earned $37,500 USD throughout his esports career. During his time at Velocity Gaming, he was also earning an estimated base salary of $36,000 per year.

Rite2ace / Ace

  • Real Name: Tejas Santosh Sawant

  • Subscribers 33,500



Ace is a former CS:GO pro who transitioned to Valorant and is currently competing with Team Sarafa. Like Excali, rite2ace was also part of Velocity Gaming and is a veteran competitive esports player who has competed at the national and international levels at events like Valorant Conquerors Championship, Valorant Challengers, Skyesports League and more. With dozens of tournament victories in the bag, he is one of the most successful esports players the country has ever seen. 

How much does rite2ace / Ace earn?

Ace has earned approximately $44,000 from esports events and earns approximately $182 yearly from YouTube. He is focused on competitive esports, which is where the majority of his earnings lie. During his time at Velocity Gaming he was earning an estimated base salary of $36,000 per year.

Prash Gaming / Angry Prash

  • Real Name: Prashant

  • Subscribers (YouTube): 7.6 Million (two channels)

Angry Prash

Angry Prash

Prashant dropped out during his Engineering course to pursue his dreams of being an animator and content creator. Even his least popular videos have over a million views, which shows how popular his content really is. His most successful video is titled “If Google Was Indian Government Office?” which has over 20 Million views.

How much does Prash earn?

Prash’s earnings are estimated to be around $59,000 USD to $943,000 USD per year from YouTube and this does not include potential brand deals or sponsorships that he might receive.

Passionate gamers in India are able to support themselves through competitive esports, streaming and working in the industry. According to the founder of S8UL Esports and 8bit Creatives, Animesh ‘8bit Thug’ Agarwal, a mobile esports player could end up earning between INR 40,000 ($546) to INR 75,000 ($1,023) per month, while top-rated Indian esports players earn as much as INR 1,00,000 ($1,364) to INR 1,50,000 ($2,046). We recommend checking out our interview with Agarwal to gain more insights on career opportunities in the world of gaming in India.

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