Top 5 'Made in India' Games That You Need to Play

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The Indian gaming industry is rapidly growing, along with the Indian gaming community. Gaming is now moving into the mainstream with its staggering dominance over people of all ages. And there are plenty of games to enjoy in this vast industry. With affordable data plans, advancing tech and a surge in the gaming community, more demand is growing for games that entertain and innovate. 

For players who are looking for a new gaming experience, these top 5 made in India games should satisfy your gaming needs. This list explores 5 Made in India games in no particular order. 

1. Battle Stars

This is an online, fun-filled battle royale mobile game that players can enjoy if they are looking for something lighthearted yet serious. Created by SuperGaming, Battle Stars is an extremely popular top-down shooter game that offers a fun-filled yet action-packed fast shooting experience where the pursuit and the chase are especially heart-pounding. There is a colorful variety of characters that players can choose from. 

This multiplayer shooter game features a 12-player lobby where each player can exhibit his skills with a unique set of weapons, abilities and strengths. With every victory come tantalizing rewards that make the pursuit worthwhile. Players can also challenge their friends in the 4v4 multiplayer game mode in lobbies. 

2. Raji: An Ancient Epic

Set in the glorious land of Ancient India, Raji is a highly revered action-adventure game created by Nodding Heads Games. It follows the story of a young girl, Raji, who has been declared the sole defender of the human race by the Gods. Players follow Raji as she tackles different monsters inspired by Hindu mythology, including her last target, Lord Mahabalasura. She must rescue her brother from his hold and defend the human race; that is her destiny. 

What attracts players the most to the game is its attention to detail and the ability to display the Indian narrative with the most gorgeous visuals. It takes players on a deep dive into the vast world of Indian culture, narrating a story that comes off as authentic and honest. Visuals on every frame, epic murals, and exciting game levels keep the players interested in this action-adventure. 

The game is available on gaming platforms like  Android, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, iOS, Microsoft Windows, and Xbox One. 

3. Sarkar Infinite

Created by Arckon Arts, Sarkar Infinite is an Indian game based on the South Indian movie, Sarkar. The game features an iconic fighting sequence that depicts the protagonist, Sundar Ramasamy, in action as he fights off his enemies in a building that is under construction. Players adopt the character of Thalapathy Vijay in the game adaptation as they combat with goons to score the best and fight with their friends for the top position in the Leaderboard. 

The controls of the game are extremely simple, making this one easy to follow. This means that more and more people can play this game, which does not require prior gaming experience to excel. The on-screen controls depict the actions that can be performed upon tapping those buttons. For instance, the action button with a punch etched on it is used if the player wishes to punch the enemy. 

The game is available on Android mobile devices. 

4. World Cricket Championship

The World Cricket Championship is a popular Indian franchise by NextWave Multimedia that has created the titular game and its many sequels. Owing to the popularity of cricket in India, a series of 3D cricket mobile games have been extremely popular among players of all ages. Players can be bowlers or batsmen, as they wish. He can create his own dream team and participate in highstakes cricket matches either against the computer or his friends. 

With new sequels, many new features have been introduced in the game. These include new camera angles, versatile batting shots like Uppercut, Helicopter shot, etc. Not only this, but the game also follows a realistic series of events with elements like rain interruptions, realistic ball reactions due to differences in pitches, etc. 

The game is available across mobile operating systems like Android and iOS and on PCs with Windows OS. 

5. Forgotten Fields

Created by Frostwood Interactive and published by Dino Digital, Forgotten Fields is a cozy, narrative-based game with an uplifting storyline. The narrative follows the story of Sid, a writer who is struggling with good old writer’s block as he attempts to recapture the essence of inspiration that he once felt in his long gone childhood. He needs to pay his bills, cook up a story, and receive his grant. But oops! The deadline is today, and the stakes are high. 

It's a lazy, summer Sunday, when his deadline is looming over him, until he has to attend an unavoidable family obligation - saying goodbye to the house that is now being sold. Players follow Sid, and solve puzzles with him, talk to old friends, make new memories, and discover new avenues in life whilst learning to appreciate the present. 

The game is cozy and story-driven, but didactic. It comes with an important lesson - how important it is to appreciate the now rather than worry about the past. The side characters are well-rounded, with refreshing personalities that make the game rich with nostalgia. 

The game is available on Windows, macOS, Steam OS, and Linux. 

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