VLT Sentinel Shares Offer Details For Any Indian Valorant Player Who Reaches Top 10 Radiant


VLT Sentinel Shares Offer Details for Any Indian Valorant Player Who Reaches Top 10 Radiant

So, who is willing to grind it out to bag this contract?

Aditya Singh Rawat
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Owner of Velocity Gaming, VLT Sentinel, shares the contract details that he is willing to offer any Valorant player who reaches the top ten radiant rank.
He spoke about this during a Q&A session on YouTube while discussing if international organizations would be interested in signing a top ten radiant rank Indian player.
VLT Sentinel added that no current Valorant player on Velocity Gaming's lineup has an offer like this.

A dedicated Valorant player from India might have a sure-shot chance of joining Velocity Gaming, but the catch is that they would have to be in the top ten Radiant ranks of the current season.

During a recent Q&A session that Manoj "VLT Sentinel" Kasyap - Owner of Velocity Gaming, hosted on his official YouTube channel, one of the viewers popped a question asking "Will organizations be interested in buying an unknown Indian Valorant player who has reached top ten radiant rank?"

VLT Sentinel responded to this query by sharing the contract details that he would be willing to offer for any such Indian player, after having thoroughly vetted them of being clean.

Owner of Velocity Gaming reveals the contract details for any Indian player who attains a top ten radiant rank in Valorant

The competitive Valorant circuit will be following the newly introduced franchise format for the first time ever in 2023 and all teams have started preparing for the upcoming tournament.

Indian esports organizations have also started making the necessary changes to bolster their respective lineups with Velocity Gaming bringing in Saksham "Deadly10" Aurangabadkar and Karan "excali" Mhaswadkar late last year with the same intent.

However, it seems that the organization is still more than willing to bring in a new player, but there are some really far-fetched requirements that they would need to fulfill in order to be eligible for the same.

VLT Sentinel points out that even before international organizations, he would be more than happy to recruit an Indian player who has reached the top ten radiant rank and the contract offered to him would be as follows,

  • Base salary of INR 2,50,000 per month.

  • Free accommodation at Velocity Gaming's bootcamp.

  • All travel expenses covered whenever competing at any LAN, going for meet and greet sessions, and other other such events.

"This is the offer that would be given to you if you are radiant top ten, provided you are clean," says VLT Sentinel, "We will take tryouts, we will analyze your gameplay, and if we don't find anything suspicious then this is what you will get."

He further added that no current player on Velocity Gaming's lineup has been given such an offer, but if any Indian player is able to reach radiant top ten then they would be handed such a contract.

Note: The related segment starts from 07:46 onwards.

The viewer had asked a hypothetical question but it was quite the surprise to see that VLT Sentinel was actually prepared to answer that in this manner, revealing some important clauses of a Valorant player contract.

This is quite the difficult task to accomplish and would require insane drive from any dedicated Valroant player to achieve or even come close to. It will be interesting to see if anyone is able to achieve this feat considering that the above statement is enough to motivate them in the right direction.

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