When Is the Next Golden Blitz in Monopoly Go? (March 2024)

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Monopoly GO Golden Blitz event March 2024 date</p></div>
Monopoly GO Golden Blitz event March 2024 date


Monopoly GO

Players should note that there is no set schedule for Golden Blitz events in Monopoly Go.
Leakers have predicted the next Golden Blitz event to take place on 22nd March featuring Play the Game (set 20) and QA Pals (set 21) stickers.
Here's all we know so far.

Unlike regular events in Monopoly Go, Golden Blitz events do not have a fixed schedule. This is what makes the onset of a Golden Blitz event extremely exciting. Players have been treated to many Golden Blitz in this season of Monopoly Go: Monopoly Origins. This season notably kicked off in January 2024.

Now, the Monopoly Go community is buzzing with anticipation because the next Golden Blitz event is reportedly taking place today on 22nd March at 5 pm CT. Here's all we know about it.

Next Golden Blitz Event in Monopoly Go (March 2024)

Golden Blitz event was introduced by Scopely to allow players to trade gold stickers with others. Players are allowed to trade up to five gold stickers per day that are featured exclusively in the event. However, the catch is that tycoons cannot trade gold stickers outside of this event.

This event assists players in completing their sticker albums. While initially rare, these events tend to become more frequent as an album's end date approaches. 

While there is no set schedule for these events, players are anticipating one to appear in-game very soon. According to leaks and speculations, the event is likely to take place on 22nd March and will feature two sticker packs.

It is recommended for players to have Monopoly Go downloaded and updated on their devices to keep track of when Golden Blitz goes live.

What is Golden Blitz in Monopoly Go?

Golden Blitz is a temporary event allowing players to exchange a predetermined pair of gold stickers. These stickers are locked and loaded for trading during regular gameplay but become briefly exchangeable during the event. The event typically lasts up to 24 hours, providing a limited window for collectors to trade and enhance their sticker collections.

During the event, tradeable gold stickers rotate, enabling players to swap duplicates for stickers needed to complete their albums.

While the event specifies certain pairings, players can exercise flexibility and trade gold stickers for any other sticker in the game. This presents an opportunity for strategic swaps to enhance one's collection.

The stickers that are likely going to be available during the 22nd March Golden Blitz event are speculated to be the following ones:

  • Play the Game (set 20)

  • QA Pals (set 21)

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