When Is the Next Golden Blitz Event in Monopoly Go?


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When Is the Next Golden Blitz Event in Monopoly Go?

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Looking for an opportunity to trade gold stickers and complete your Monopoly Go Sticker Album? Well, the Golden Blitz is just around the corner.
Here is everything you need to know about the next Golden Blitz event in Monopoly Go.

The Monopoly Go community is buzzing with anticipation as rumors of the next Golden Blitz event circulate. Unlike regular events in Monopoly Go, Golden Blitz events don't have a fixed schedule.

However, they do assist players in completing their sticker albums. Initially rare, these events become more frequent as an album's end date approaches. To stay in the loop, it's advisable to keep notifications on for Monopoly Go, ensuring that you receive timely updates when the Golden Blitz is live.

In this article, we dive into everything you need to know about Golden Blitz in Monopoly Go and why every Monopoly Go player should be prepared to catch this golden opportunity.

Next Golden Blitz Event in Monopoly Go

Tycoons must note that, in Monopoly Go, there’s no set schedule for Golden Blitz events. However, according to leaks, the event is likely slated to kick off after 14th December 2023, featuring coveted four-star Gold Stickers from Pile of Goodes (Set 8) and Sleigh All Day (Set 11).

As a result, players can possibly look forward to seeing this event on 17th or 18th December, as per speculations.

What is Golden Blitz in Monopoly Go?

Golden Blitz is a temporary event allowing players to exchange a predetermined pair of gold stickers. These stickers are locked for trading during regular gameplay but become briefly exchangeable during the Golden Blitz event. The event typically lasts up to 24 hours, providing a limited window for collectors to trade and enhance their sticker collections.

During the Golden Blitz, tradeable gold stickers rotate, enabling players to swap duplicates for stickers needed to complete their albums.

While the event specifies certain pairings, players can exercise flexibility and trade gold stickers for any other sticker in the game. This presents an opportunity for strategic swaps to enhance one's collection.

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How Does Golden Blitz Work in Monopoly Go?

Golden Blitz allows players to trade duplicate gold stickers for missing ones, fostering collaboration among players. During the event, players can execute up to five trades daily, each limited to two cards designated by Monopoly Go developers. This interactive and time-sensitive event adds a layer of excitement to the sticker-collecting experience.

How to Get Gold Stickers

Gold stickers, essential for completing collections, can be obtained randomly from any sticker pack in Monopoly Go. The odds of acquiring gold stickers increase with the star rating of the pack. Tournaments and main events offer additional chances to score gold stickers, making them valuable rewards for players.

Should Players Trade During Golden Blitz?

Yes, absolutely! Golden Blitz events are prime opportunities for players to trade spare gold stickers. This is because they are in high demand and events like these are infrequent. Passing up the chance may result in missing out on some valuable stickers, as duplicates convert to stars when the album concludes. Seizing these opportunities during the Golden Blitz ensures optimal value for your collection.

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