The First Three Hours of Dragon’s Dogma 2 Has Been Leaked; Capcom Bans Twitch Streamer


The First Three Hours of Dragon’s Dogma 2 Has Been Leaked; Capcom Bans Twitch Streamer

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A small streamer who went by @Justichor streamed 3+ hours of the game on Twitch before his channel was copyright-struck by Capcom.
The streamer allegedly received a copy of the game from his buddy who worked at Walmart. His Twitch channel has since then been banned.
The leaked footage raises concerns about the game’s performance on consoles, which reportedly dipped below 30 FPS during heavy combat in the open world.

Capcom is all set to launch the second entry of Hideaki Itsuno’s ARPG Dragon’s Dogma on 22nd March and fans are overjoyed to get their hands on it. Apart from abiding by the rules of the genre, the game also brings numerous enhancements to its mechanics such as the “Beloved” and Pawn systems, along with significant graphical overhauls, thanks to the RE engine.

While we are a week away from jumping into the exciting world of Dragon’s Dogma 2, its first few hours have been leaked online by a small streamer who broadcasted it on Twitch. Understandably, Capcom was quick to take action, getting the channel banned on the same day of streaming gameplay.

Dragon’s Dogma 2 Gameplay Footage Was Streamed Using Playstation 5’s Built-in Streaming Function (Contains Mild Spoilers)

The leaked footage comes from a small streamer who went by Justichor on Twitch, who had mentioned that the game was being streamed using PS5’s default streaming function, which is not known for its encoding. While the quality of the footage was inconsistent, the streamer himself admitted that the gameplay was suboptimal.

While concerns about the game’s frame rate and performance on consoles were already in discourse, this leak worried many players about purchasing the console version of DD2, as it seemed to constantly dip below 30 FPS during combat in the open world. However, the performance seemed to improve considerably when inside the city areas, without engaging in combat, although it was still not close to hitting 60 FPS.

The streamer claimed to have received the game this early from a friend who works at Walmart Of course, Capcom was quick to find out and took immediate action, copyright striking the Twitch channel and banning him in the process. However, many who watched the stream certainly got many tidbits of information on what to expect from this sequel.

For those unaware, Dragon’s Dogma 2 will feature a simplified fast travel system where players can hop into Ox Carts and use their limited services to get around the world. The stream revealed that the Ox Cart services halt at night due to fear of being attacked. Leveling up your Vocations also seemed relatively easy, as the leaker reached the first two ranks of Thief in just under 30 minutes. 

Many mentioned that the combat worked similarly to the first game regarding strategy and approach, which means you can easily take down enemies if you know their weaknesses. Some also said that the camera movement was smoother as well.

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