Here is all we know about the expected release date for The Finals, and other details.


The Finals: Open Beta Ends, Expected Release Date

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The Finals is the latest free-to-play FPS to get an overwhelming response in open beta.
The game's release date is coming soon.
Here is all we know about the expected release date for The Finals, and other details.

The Finals recently concluded a very successful beta test, with millions of players logging on to play a unique take on the battle royale formula with destructible environments. With the game’s open beta player count surpassing that of Call of Duty on Steam, players are growing impatient for the free-to-play game to come out. With three distinctive game modes adding a fresh new take on the tired battle royale genre, over 7.5 million players tuned into the beta and fans are left wanting an official release date for The Finals. Here is all we know about the expected release date for The Finals, and other details. 

The Finals: Expected release date

The Finals is expected to release during 2023, with a likely release date in December. While the developer, Embark Studio is yet to announce an official release date, there is an official time line available in the FAQ of The Finals’ official Discord server.

With The Finals Open Beta coming to a close on 6th November, there are only a few weeks left till the new year. If the developers are on schedule to meet their deadline, we can expect The Finals to be released in the next few weeks.

The Finals: Available platforms

The Finals will be available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. However, as The Finals is a next-gen game, it will not be available on PlayStation 4 or Xbox One. The Open Beta was available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC on Steam.

What is The Finals?

The Finals is a free-to-play FPS with a unique twist, which allows players to use a wide array of weapons, gadgets and skills to get around a destructible map. The gameplay requires coordination as modes are played in teams. The lore of the game frames it as players competing in a televised virtual combat game show, similar to the Hunger Games. 

Of the three game modes, the base mode is called 'Cashout'. Players form teams of three and compete to complete objectives, consisting of opening vaults and transporting them to a "cash-out" location. These are similar to capture the flag, requiring teams to have a control of the area. The team that collects the most money wins (collected as coins) determined by the cash-out value and other metrics such as points, eliminations, assists, deaths, revives, and objectives. 

Players who are killed are turned into statues which their teammates can carry and use to revive them. If enough time elapses, a player may choose to respawn themselves, though this consumes a so-called "Respawn Coin". Players have limited respawn coins.

The Finals classes 

The players choose their characters based on a "Light", "Medium", "Heavy" scale, with the character model changing to reflect that. Certain weapons, moves, and features are class specific and each class has a different movement speed. 

  • Light builds are faster and smaller and may use submachine guns and invisibility.

  • Medium builds may use a healing beam and have access to assault rifles and shotguns. 

  • Heavy builds are designed to tank hits with abilities that reflect that, with an arsenal of light machine guns and C4 as their equipment.

The game mechanics also include highly modifiable terrain which can be destroyed as well as some light building mechanics. The Finals also includes varied weather conditions and time of day which affects gameplay in unique ways.

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