Starfield: How Do You Use a Boost Pack?


Starfield: How Do You Use a Boost Pack?

Surya Kumar
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Boost Packs in Starfield play a crucial role in helping you traverse through hostile areas and tackle combat situations.
They can be obtained right after completing the introductory quest called One Small Step.

Bethesda’s Starfield offers players a vast world to explore. Being a space RPG with traversal as the main emphasis, the game offers you different ways to move around. Apart from spaceships and grav jumps, players can also use Boost Packs which allows them to jump and glide through hostile environments. Thankfully, they are not very hard to find and can be obtained at the game’s initial stage. Here’s how you can unlock and use them.

When Do You Get Starfield’s Boost Packs?

In order to unlock your first Boost Pack you need to acquire the Boost Pack Training Skill. As mentioned above, this can be unlocked at an early stage of the game, right after completing your initial introduction quests. It requires you to reach level 2 and can be unlocked with just one skill point.

Upon doing so, you will need to obtain a backpack that has boosters equipped. It is essentially a space backpack that will propel you into the air. Fortunately, you will receive them right after you meet the One Small Step mission. As you progress through the game, you can continue to upgrade them as you find better equipment.

How to Use a Boost Pack?

Using the Boost Pack is a simple and intuitive process. All you need to do is press the jump button (Space on PC and Y on Xbox as default) and hold it again as your character is in mid-air to activate it. Similar to Fallout’s Jetpacks, the Boost Pack uses fuel that depletes as you are flying through the air and regenerates when you are no longer using it.

Can You Upgrade Your Boost Pack?

Yes, you can upgrade your Boost Packs as you progress through the game. You will find them scattered throughout the game and you simply need to swap your current one out when you come across a better one. You can also buy them from merchants or by looting crates.

Furthermore, you can also upgrade your ranks on the Boost Pack Training skill found on your Tech Skill tree. There are four different ranks:

  • Rank one unlocks the skill and permits you to use the Boost Pack

  • Rank two makes it efficient by consuming less fuel

  • Rank three helps to regenerate the consumed fuel faster

  • Rank four doubles the efficiency of Rank two and three.

You can also use Spacesuit Workbenches to equip your Boost Pack with different mods. These are usually found in your ships or one of the numerous outposts that Starfield presents. If you’d like to challenge your Boost Pack traversal skills, you can also attempt the Red Mile Race.

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