How to Succesfully Complete the Red Mile Race in Starfield?

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>How to Succesfully Complete the Red Mile Race in Starfield?</p></div>
How to Succesfully Complete the Red Mile Race in Starfield?


The Red Mile Race in Starfield is an exciting quest that will test your ability to effectively manage resources.
Fortunately, there are several items and resources that will come in handy to help you triumphantly complete the course.

Starfield is a game filled with several exciting and noteworthy missions that seem to challenge players and provide them with an enthralling space RPG experience. As you make your way through the cosmos, you will come across a Red Mile which is basically a run-down casino found in Porrima 3 belonging to the Porrima system. The Red Mile race in Starfield puts you through certain harsh conditions where you must race through an area filled with horrifying space creatures. Here’s how you can tackle them and successfully get through the course.

Starfield’s Red Mile Race

The Red Mile race is part of faction quests and you can undergo this regardless of what faction you choose to be a part of. Similar to every quest in Starfield, there are different approaches you can take to complete it. You can either choose to brute force your way through these horrifying space creatures or use a more efficient approach that involves managing your oxygen and your inventory better.

This quest requires you to run through a snow-covered environment filled with huge rocks, space maulers, poisonous plants, and discarded storage containers. You must make your way past all of them, activate a beacon, and make your way back. Although you can easily avoid these space plants, defeating these space maulers can be pretty challenging especially if you choose to fight them. You can get bombarded with the explosives that they spit out, which can quickly drain your health pool. However, Starfield provides you with various items and perks that you can use to your advantage.

How to Effectively Complete the Red Mile Race?

The game provides you with a slew of items that can help you get past these obstacles. Keep in mind that you will certainly take up some damage regardless of how you get through the course so we recommend you to stock up on plenty of Medpacks.  You are also in luck if you have invested in skills such as Wellness and Fitness as they will provide you with additional health and oxygen respectively.

The main gadget required to get through this course effectively is the Boost Pack. Make sure you manage Jetpack Booster Capacity as it is the main resource that will help you to optimally complete this challenge. Use these resources to jump and glide your way past these enemies. The containers also come in handy to avoid the maulers. You can also use weapons and frag grenades that focus on causing area-of-effect damage. Shotguns will also help as there is a high possibility for these space maulers to gang up.

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