Starfield’s High Price to Pay Mission: Should You Defend the Lodge or Go to the Eye?

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Starfield’s High Price to Pay Mission: Should You Defend the Lodge or Go to the Eye?</p></div>
Starfield’s High Price to Pay Mission: Should You Defend the Lodge or Go to the Eye?


The High Price To Pay mission in Starfield puts players in a difficult position where their choices can change the course of the game.
This article contains several spoilers so the reader’s discretion is advised.
The High Price to Pay mission is the 11th quest which is a part of the game’s main campaign.

Bethesda’s latest space RPG allows players to make crucial decisions that will impact the way in which the storyline pans out. While some of your choices may be inconsequential, the game also contains certain missions that have a major consequence on your character and the people surrounding them. One such mission in Starfield is the High Price To Pay mission where you must choose between defending the Lodge or going to the Eye instead which will have an influence on the questline. Let’s take a look at the different options you can choose from.

Starfield's High Price To Pay Quest

High Price To Pay is the eleventh mission that is part of the game’s main campaign. Here you will see the Constellation group split into two different areas; the Lodge and the Eye.

This quest begins after completing the No Sudden Moveswhere you add the artifact to your collection at the Lodge. This mission begins when you speak to Noel who tells you that the Eye has gone dark. Subsequently, you will also receive a transmission from Vladimir saying that the Hunter is on his way to the Lodge. You are asked to choose between staying back and defending the Lodge or making your way forward to the Eye.

What Happens if You Choose to Defend the Lodge?

If you choose to stay at the Lodge, the members of the Eye will get into trouble and you will lose one of your constellation members. The game seems to target this person to be the one with whom you share the closest bond. This might even be the person you are romantically involved with and it differs with each playthrough. You will also manage to save the artifacts that were at the Lodge.

What Happens if You Decide to Head to the Eye?

 Alternatively, if you decide to head to the Eye, you will leave the members of the Lodge to fend for themselves and the one you were closest to at the Lodge will die. As mentioned above, this result varies from person to person. Regardless of who dies, the artifact will be guarded safely. Also keep in mind that you cannot re-enter the Lodge if you change your decision after leaving it, as it will be barricaded to protect the occupants from the Hunter.

Can You Save Both the Members?

 Unfortunately, this is one of the difficult choices in Starfield and either one of the characters will die. You must choose between who you would like to save. However, there is a cunning and questionable option now that you know how the quest works. You can intentionally choose to develop a close bond with a character you wouldn’t mind losing. It is indeed a twisted approach but it also helps you save a memorable character, so choose wisely.

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