What Does Starfield’s New Game Plus Offer?


What Does Starfield’s New Game Plus Offer?

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Starfield’s new game plus mode offers certain items and perks that will help you on your second playthrough.
This article contains spoilers about the contents of the new game+ mode. Reader’s discretion is advised.

Ever since Bethesda’s Starfield hit early access on 1st September, several players have jumped in and started to explore its expansive universe. Being a giant space RPG, the game offers various choices to approach the game’s plot. If you are still making your way up to the game’s ending, you might be wondering about all the additions that the new game-plus brings to the table. Let’s take a look at this option while trying to reveal as little as possible.

Starfield's New Game Plus

As you make your way through the late stage of Starfield. You will be asked to make a decision. The game’s final mission called One Gaint Leap will give you these choices:

  1. Delay the ending and explore more side quests. You can come back later and start a new game plus.

  2. Start the game again with the same character keeping the same XP, level, skills, and powers.

  3. Do the same thing mentioned above but completely skip the main quest.

If you pick the second option, you will lose your inventory, your ships, cargo, money, and weapons. However, the third option will provide you with a complete blank slate as you will have to select everything from scratch. You will skip the main quest but you get a fresh start in terms of your progress with factions, side quests, and your acquaintance with the members of Constellation.

What Else Does Starfield’s New Game Plus Offer?(Contains Spoilers)

As you start a new game in the world of Starfield, you will lose your entire inventory but you will also be given a Starborn Guardian ship as well as a Starborn Spacesuit Astra.

The spacesuit is one of the best items in the game which offers completely maxed-out environmental protection and resistance to damage. You will also be granted these three perks:

  • Bolstering: As your health decreases, you will be provided with extra resistance

  • Sentinel: Reduce incoming damage while standing still

  • Resource Hauler: Increases your carrying capacity

Although the Starborn Guardian Ship looks very appealing, it is pretty far from being the best ship in the game. Here are its stats:

  • Crew: Carry up to 5 members

  • Cargo: 1,045 Kilos

  • Fuel: 1500

  • Jump: 30 Lightyears

  • Shield: 630

Keeping that aside, you also get to keep all of your artifacts and powers. You will also get to collect a new set of powers that will be present in different locations. There are a total of 24 powers to collect that are randomly spread across the universe.

That is pretty much it for what the new game plus mode of Starfield brings to the table. Although it sounds enticing, we do not encourage rushing through the main quest to get these options. An enormous space RPG such as this one provides a dynamic world and sprinting through it goes against the game’s main emphasis on exploration.

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