Scottie’s Spa Event in Monopoly Go: Rewards, How to Win, and More


Scottie’s Spa Event in Monopoly Go: Rewards, How to Win, and More

Surya Kumar
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The Scottie’s Spa event allows you to spend two days with Mr.Monopoly’s dog, acquiring several rewards along the way.
The event offers cookies as rewards which will help you progress through the ongoing Chocopartner event.

After the end of the World Tour Event, Monopoly Go has brought in another special event called Scottie’s Spa which lets players experience two days with Mr. Monopoly’s dog as he embarks on his own adventures. Similar to other events, you can acquire several rewards such as cash, stickers, extra rolls, etc. by collecting bones for Scottie. Let’s dive right in and take a look at all of the rewards it offers and what you need to do to complete it.

All the Rewards for Scottie’s Spa Event in Monopoly Go

There are a total of 50 milestones in order to complete this event. Here are all the rewards along with the points required to get them.

How to Win Scottie’s Spa Event in Monopoly Go?

Here are all the methods you can use to increase your chances of winning this event:

  • You will gain Bones (points) if you land on the Community Chest, Chance, or Railroad spaces. 

  • While the chance tiles will earn you two points, the community chest and railroad tiles will grant you three and five points respectively.

  • Make use of the game’s roll multipliers which will help you accumulate more points as you progress through each milestone.

  • Use your dice rolls efficiently.

  • Make sure to collect your free dice rewards in the in-game shop to increase your chances of winning. They refresh every 8 hours.

  • Make sure to complete your quick wins every day.

Do note that the cookies you get as rewards for this event will help you complete the ongoing Chocopartner event. Scottie’s Spa ends by the 13th of September so make sure to hurry up if you wish to claim all of these rewards!

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