Labor Day Parade in Monopoly Go: All Rewards, Milestones and More

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Labor Day parade in Monopoly Go: All rewards, milestones and more</p></div>
Labor Day parade in Monopoly Go: All rewards, milestones and more


The Labor Day Parade in Monopoly Go is filled with exciting rewards like free dice, stickers and in-game cash.
This is the second event in the Epic Myths season.

Monopoly Go is currently hosting a five-day Labor Day event from September 4th to September 8th. Throughout this event, Monopoly Go continues to engage players with a series of exciting activities, enabling them to acquire new stickers, dice, and in-game currency. This particular event marks the second installment in the Epic Myths season, generating waves of anticipation among the game's dedicated fanbase. Now, let's delve into the details of the event's tasks and rewards.

Rewards you can claim in Monopoly Go through Labor Day Parade

  • Total Points Needed to Complete Event = 28100

  • Total Reward Dice = 8575

  • Green Sticker Pack = 3

  • Yellow Sticker Pack = 1

  • Blue Sticker Pack = 2

  • Pink Sticker Pack = 1

  • Purple Sticker Pack = 1

  • Gold Blue Sticker Pack = 2

Collecting Points for the Labor Day Parade

Players can collect rewards by landing on the corner tiles in the game. These corner tiles are GO, Just Visiting, Free Parking and Go to Jail. Landing on these tiles every time will rack up 4 points multiplied by the multiplier number that landed you on the corner tile. 

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