World Tour event in Monopoly Go: All milestones, rewards


World Tour Event in Monopoly Go: All Milestones, Rewards

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The Monopoly Go World Tour event runs from 8th - 11th September 2023, allowing players to collect rewards.
If you are looking for a complete World Tour event reward list, we have got you covered.

Can’t get enough of Monopoly Go? Good, The Monopoly Go World Tour event has made a comeback, an exciting event for players.

The event runs from 8th-11th September 2023 and has gained an immense amount of popularity among fans, and it’s not without any reason. The lure for the event is the player rewards, which includes things such as free roll dice, cash, and more. Here are all the World Tour event milestones and rewards that you need to know about!

World Tour Event in Monopoly: All Milestones and Rewards 

The epic myth season offers players a lot of opportunities for rewards; it’s perfect if you’ve just started the game! In order to complete these milestones and get rewards, gamers need to roll their dice and get it to land on Tax and Utility tiles on the board to gain points. The points players will earn depends on the tile they manage to land on.

Collecting points will let gamers complete various milestones, which can be used to earn unique rewards. For the World Tour event in 2023, there are 49 milestones for players to complete.

Let’s kick off things by exploring the milestones in the World Tour event and the required points and rewards –

How to Complete The World Tour Event?

Just like we’ve mentioned before, to complete the event, you need to get points; you need to roll and land on Tax and Utility tiles. The only way you can complete this is by reaching every milestone. But before you do that, think about that; try to figure out if you will have enough dice to even do that. Maybe it might be beneficial if you go halfway, stop, and wait for the next game event.

Make use of our Monopoly GO World Tour event list above and find out where it is logical for you to stop, as grinding for some rewards might not be worth it.

If you’re set on completing the event, here’s our advice which can help you:

  1. Make sure to complete Quick Wins everyday

  2. Make good use of your multiplier by not wasting your dice on bad places

  3. Always collect your free dice rewards in the shop, they appear every 8 hours

  4. Make sure to complete locations and get free dice rewards.

Monopoly Go World Tour Event is an excellent event offering players milestones and multiple different rewards. So, what are you waiting for? Embark on a world tour in Monopoly Go and progress through the game!

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