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Recipes & Combos: An A-Z Infinite Craft Guide

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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Infinite Craft is a word crafting game that captivates its audience by creating an endless loop of words by merging just 4 starting words - water, fire, wind, and earth.
Here is a list of recipes and combos you can create in Infinite Craft.

Infinite Craft is an exciting word-crafting browser game created by developer Neal Agarwal. Although it sounds simple on paper, it still managed to captivate thousands of players with its charming gameplay system. While most word-building games only contain generic words and terms, this browser title is capable of crafting intricate and niche words which arguably does take a while to put together.

This browser game allows you to create new words by combining two-word choices, essentially ‘Crafting’ words through such combinations. Players are allowed to create near-endless fusions of words in this game and it all starts with the basic elements of fire, water, earth, and wind. 

With the game rising in popularity and with many players actively trying to come up with creative recipes, we have come up with a comprehensible list of combos and recipes for you to use. This list will frequently be updated with new combos as it is a work-in-progress.

All Recipes In Neal Agarwal's Infinite Craft

Players need to keep in mind that there are multiple ways to arrive at a recipe and you can choose to experiment. This list will serve as a good way for you to start and make progress but you can always choose to arrive at an item differently. There are no rights and wrongs in the game. Having said all that, here is our growing list of Infinite Craft recipes which all begin with the common, basic four ingredients of Fire, Earth, Water and Wind.

Recipes in A-M in Infinite Craft

N-Z Recipes in Infinite Craft

Readers should note that the recipes were inspired by the lists provided and curated by Dot Esports, Escapist Magazine and Upcomer.

Since this game is extremely creatively, you can come up with almost anything that you can think of. Players were creating words and characters from their favorite animes and some even created pop-culture figures like Kanye West. Here are some of the other Infinite Craft guides that are already live on AFK Gaming and these include the following:

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