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How To Craft Kanye West In Infinite Craft?

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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Infinite Craft is a word crafting game that captivates its audience by creating an endless loop of words by merging just 4 starting words - water, fire, wind, and earth.
Here's how you make Kanye West in Infinite Craft.

Infinite Craft is a world-building browser game that allows you to create new words by combining two-word choices, essentially ‘Crafting’ words through such combinations. Players are allowed to create near-endless fusions of words in this game.

This browser game challenges players to come up with limitless combinations of words and it all starts with the basic elements of fire, water, earth, and wind. Players should keep in mind that while most of the advanced creations you see are complicated, they all start with the same building blocks.

In this guide, we will take a look at how to make Kanye West in Infinite Craft.

How To Make Kanye West In Infinite Craft

Creating Kanye West in Infinite Craft is no easy feat. You need four separate elements of Human, Church, Music, and Rapper. Here's how you craft each one of these elements:


Human is one of the basic elements you will need to craft to discover new items in Infinite Craft. As you know, you will begin the game with four fundamental elements in Earth, Wind, Water, and Fire. With these combined with the other elements you find, you can reach the end of the lineage of life, which is the first step towards creating a person or a human.

  • Earth + Earth = Mountain

  • Mountain + Earth = Volcano

  • Volcano + Water = Lava

  • Lava + Water = Stone

  • Stone + Lava = Obsidian

  • Earth + Dust = Planet

  • Water + Smoke = Fog

  • Fire + Water = Steam

  • Planet + Fog = Venus

  • Steam + Earth = Mud

  • Venus + Mud = Adam

  • Adam + Venus = Eve

  • Adam + Eve = Human


  • Adam + Mud = Human

  • Human + Human = Family

  • Family + Human = Baby

  • Swamp + Wind = Mist

  • Mist + Baby = Angel

Music in Infinite Craft

  • Fire + Earth = Lava

  • Lava + Earth = Stone

  • Stone + Earth = Rock

  • Human + Water = Fish

  • Fish + Plant = Seaweed

  • Fish + Seaweed = Sushi

  • Sushi + Seaweed = Roll

  • Roll + Rock = Music


  • Earth + Mud = Clay

  • Clay + Clay = Brick

  • Brick + Clay = House

  • House + Angel = Church

Now to create Kanye West, all you need to do is combine the above-mentioned elements:

  • Human + Music = DJ

  • Human + DJ = Rapper

  • Rapper + Church = Kanye West

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