Pokimane is one of the biggest female content creators and streamers on Twitch. She recently revealed that she's leaving Twitch.


Pokimane Ranks the Most Profitable Social Media Platforms for Influencers

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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At the start of 2024, streaming sensation Pokimane announced her move to YouTube after a decade of streaming on Twitch.
Recently, Pokimane explained why YouTubers tend to make more money than Twitch streamers.

In January 2024, after a decade of streaming and content creating on streaming platform Twitch, Imane “Pokimane” Anys announced that she was leaving the platform. Pokimane is arguably one of the most followed streamers and she was even the face of Twitch mobile on the Apple App Store. Fans speculated that the streamer might have taken a lucrative deal from another. A day later, Pokimane announced her move to YouTube and explained why she had decided to quit Twitch. 

Now, a few months later, on her podcast, Pokimane ranked different social media platforms for earning money and talked about why YouTubers make more money than Twitch streamers.

Pokimane Explains Why YouTube is a Better Platform for Streaming

Pokimane is one of the most-followed women content creators and streamers for a long time now. She recently made her move to YouTube,bidding adieu to Twitch after almost ten years at the start of 2024. In her recent podcast, Pokimane explained why YouTube is one of the most profitable social media platforms for creators who are looking to turn it into a full-time career.

In her podcast, Pokimane listed the least and most profitable social media platforms for influencers and creators. According to her, TikTok is the least profitable while Instagram was rated third by her. Next, Poki placed Twitch in second rank, after YouTube.

She reasoned, "Because Twitch has built-in ads, on top of sponsored ads, subscriptions, donations, merch...However, it is much much more volatile and audience-dependent than our number one choice which is YouTube."

Pokimane added, "Their [YouTube] ads pay the best out of basically every other platform every piece of content you make is, in a way, a long-term investment, and it can still make you money even years and years down the line. That’s very common for YouTubers, to still make even a couple hundred bucks off of popular videos that they had five or ten years ago.

Why Did Pokimane Leave Twitch?

In an episode of her podcast “Don’t Tell Anyone with Pokimane,” the streamer revealed why she left Twitch.

According to Pokimane, the “manosphere, red pill b*llshit” that’s coming from some of the most popular and well-established creators on Twitch in the last couple of years has been frustrating for her.

Throughout the hour-long episode, Pokimane talked more on the topic and revealed several other reasons for her departure from Twitch, coming at the end of an exclusivity contract she had with the Amazon-owned streaming platform.

One of the reasons Pokimane quit Twitch was for herself and her long-term career growth. She explained that she’s going to keep gaming, but she is a separate entity from Twitch. The streamer wanted to be “as free as a bird.” 

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