NBA 2K24: All Answers for Episode 1 Of NBA 2K TV


NBA 2K24: All Answers for Episode 1 of NBA 2K TV

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Initially debuted in NBA 2K15, the seasons of 2KTV have become a fan-favorite over the years.
The first episode in the 10th season of the series has Chris Manning and Alexis Morgan as the main hosts.
Each correct answer rewards you with around 200 VC.

NBA 2K24 hit the virtual shelves on 8th September and several NBA fans have been overjoyed with its release. The game brought in features like ProPLAY which made significant improvements to its movement mechanics. Apart from making new changes, it has retained most of the fan-favorite attributes and one among them is the popular 2KTV series. It essentially acts as a way for fans to catch up on the latest news in basketball and also on esports competitions surrounding NBA 2K. 

Initially debuted in NBA 2K15 the series has become near and dear to the hearts of many basketball fans and with the latest game, it has successfully reached its 10th season. The show will present you with trivia questions and answering them correctly will give you access to virtual currency (VC) that can later be spent in the in-game store.

Here Are All the Answers for Season 10 Episode 1 of NBA 2KTV

  1. What Season of 2KTV Is Tipping Off With This Episode?

    Season 10

  2. How many times has Kobe Bryant been on the cover of an NBA Game?

    4 times

  3. In What Year Did Kobe Bryant Score 62 Points In Three Quarters?


  4. How Many Times Did Kobe Bryant Make An All-Star Team?

    18 times

  5. In What Year Did Kobe Bryant Win His Only MVP Award?


  6. How Many Affiliations Can You Choose From In NBA 2K24?

    2 Affiliations

  7. What New Features Are Part Of Streetball in NBA 2K24?

    All of these

  8. How Many Badges Were Added To NBA 2K24?

    24 new badges

  9. Where Is The Newest Location To Watch 2KTV in MyCAREER?

    Locker room

  10. What Can You Use to reduce your badges from dropping below a certain level?

    Badge floors

  11. Which Of The Following Game Modes Are You Looking Forward To Play In NBA 2K24?


  12. What MyTEAM Game Mode Features A Salary Limit For Your Lineup?

    Salary Cap

  13. Which MyTEAM Card can you earn by reaching level 40 In Season 1?

    Kyrie Irving

  14. Where Can You Go To Directly Acquire The Players You Want In MyTEAM? 

    Player Market

  15. Who Is On The Cover Of The WNBA Edition of NBA 2K24?

    Sabrina Ionescu

How Much Virtual Currency Can You Make Out of a 2KTV Episode?

Similar to previous NBA 2K games, participating in trivia and polls can earn players additional VC along the way. If you manage to give the correct answer to the questions asked throughout the show, you will receive 200 VC per question. There were 15 questions asked in the first episode equating to over 3000 VC. It is certainly an entertaining way to earn VC if you are looking forward to picking up new items from the store or boosting your MyCAREER Player.

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