NBA 2K24: How to Redeem NBA League Pass for 25th Anniversary Edition


NBA 2K24: How to Redeem NBA League Pass for 25th Anniversary Edition

Surya Kumar
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The 25th-anniversary edition of NBA 2K24 is certainly a worthy purchase if you consider yourself a hardcore NBA fan.
You must make sure to redeem your NBA League Pass before 31st December or you will lose your entitlement to the subscription.
Players who already went through the process of redeeming will receive their codes starting from 6th October.

NBA 2K24 comes with various editions offering you goodies and bonuses upon purchasing them for a premium. Apart from the Black Mamba, Kobe Bryant, and WNBA editions of the game, there is also the 25th-Anniversary version which offers an array of different items for hardcore NBA fans. It also comes with a 12-month NBA League Pass subscription which really brings great value for the price. Let’s dive right in and figure out how to redeem the pass included in the 25th Anniversary Edition.

How to Redeem the NBA League Pass for NBA 2K24 25th Anniversary Edition

In order to redeem the NBA League Pass, follow these simple steps:

  1. Download and Install NBA 2K24 25th Anniversary Edition on your Console or PC

  2. In order to access the bonus content and goodies for the anniversary edition, you need to create or log in to your NBA 2K account

  3. You will be asked to provide an email address while logging in if you haven’t done so already

  4. You will receive an email containing the NBA League Pass Code along with instructions to redeem it. 

Please note that the earliest delivery date for the Pass Code begins on 6th October. You will also need to make sure you do these steps before 31st December 2023 or else you will lose your entitlement to the subscription as it will no longer be considered valid.

Is the NBA League Pass Worth Paying the Premium?

The cost of an NBA League Pass subscription varies depending on your region but you cannot find it for under USD $ 14.99 for a month and under USD $99.99 for an annual subscription. As mentioned earlier, the 25th Anniversary edition offers various in-game items and content for its premium price of  £129.99 / USD $149.99 / ₹9,800. For the extra USD $50 you spend on the game, you get access to all of the items mentioned in the Mamba edition which in itself costs $99.99. If you consider yourself a hardcore fan of the NBA, the price is more than justified.

Do note that the NBA League Pass is not available in these countries: Belarus, China, Cuba, Democratic Republic of Congo, Iran, Iraq, Japan, Kosovo, Libya, Nicaragua, North Korea, Russia, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Venezuela, Zimbabwe.

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