Does NBA 2K24 Support Cross-Platform Play?


Does NBA 2K24 Support Cross-Platform Play?

Surya Kumar
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Publisher 2K Games has finally added the much-awaited cross-play functionality to NBA 2K24 exclusively for Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5.
Unfortunately, this has not yet been carried over to PC, Nintendo Switch, or any of the olden-gen consoles.

NBA 2K24 offers players dynamic single-player and multiplayer modes to satisfy casual and competitive gamers. Arguably, most NBA 2K fans would levitate toward the multiplayer mode due to its immersive list of features. This is also the first time the developer Visual Concepts has added crossplay to the game, which has been long-awaited among many NBA 2K fans. Although this feature has been present in several other genres of games, the ability to battle it out with your friends on a virtual court sure sounds enticing! Let’s take a look at how crossplay works in the game.

How Does Crossplay Work in NBA 2K24?

The ability to play across various platforms has been a staple in Battle Royales and several other online shooters. With the launch of NBA 2K24, the publisher has managed to incorporate this feature into it, which is a first for the basketball franchise. 

The game offers numerous modes such as MyNBA, MyTEAM, MyCAREER, etc. and most of these modes will feature crossplay. Along with offering such exciting game modes, the game also sees the introduction of ProPLAY which aims to deliver accurate, life-like animations and player movements to the game. Unfortunately, all of these newer features are present only in the current consoles like the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S.

Does Crossplay Work on Older-Gen Consoles and PC?

Currently, crossplay is exclusive to the current-gen consoles which means only the players on Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5 can play together. This certainly leads to disappointed Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch users who were hoping to play together with their friends. PC users also cannot play with PS5 and XBOX Series X/S players as the PC version of NBA 2K24 is not considered to be on par with the modern consoles. 

Although it is disheartening to know the game has reserved its enhancements for current-gen consoles, we can still see most of the core elements of the game present in the PC, Nintendo Switch, and other older-gen consoles. It also shows the decision of 2K Games to move forward with the current-gen consoles, considering the fact that they have been out for three years now.

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