Minecraft Bedrock Preview Patch Notes: Features, Bug Fixes, Technical Updates, and More


Minecraft Bedrock Preview Patch Notes: Features, Bug Fixes, Technical Updates, and More

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Minecraft beta brings changes to copper grates, nether gold, and lapis lazuli ores, along with new loading screen tips based on player progression.
We also see the addition of volumetric fog and light shafts as an experimental feature.
Most of these added features can be expected to be present in the full game through the upcoming 1.21 update.

Minecraft’s recent snapshots and previews have denoted numerous changes making their way to the game via the awaited 1.21 update which has overjoyed numerous fans. The devs at Mojang released their latest preview on 29th November and similar to most other releases, this beta also includes numerous bug fixes, technical updates, and experimental features added to it. The main emphasis seems to be on changes to copper grates, parity to nether gold, and lapis lazuli ores along with a few more blocks. Without further ado, let’s go over all the contents of this preview.

Minecraft Bedrock Preview Patch Notes

Experimental Features

Chiseled Copper

  • Chiseled Copper and their variants can now be crafted in the Stonecutter with Cut Copper

Copper Grate

  • Copper Grates and their variants can now be waterlogged 

  • Copper Grate doesn't turn into Waxed Copper anymore when being waxed 

Features and Bug Fixes in Minecraft Preview


  • Frosted Ice blocks no longer leave water in the world when mined with a Silk Touch tool

  • Turtle Egg, Frogspawn, Coral, and Coral Fan no longer spawn double the particles when mined

  • Beehive and Bee Nest can no longer be silk touched by an Enchanted Book with Silk Touch

  • Destroying a Bed through the bottom block now properly clears the spawn point

  • Ice, Packed Ice, Frosted Ice, and Top Snow now send vibrations when mined

  • Campfire now correctly drops 2 Charcoal instead of 4 when destroyed by the player 

Customizable Touch Controls

  • Fixes a bug where the hotbar disappeared if you exited out of the customize touch controls screen with a non-touch controller input


  • Slabs and Stairs should no longer randomly start placing on the bottom when continuously building

  • Horses, Donkeys, and Mules now take fall damage when controlled by a player, except for worlds targeting base game versions before 1.20.60

Vanilla Parity

  • Nether Gold Ore can now drop up to 6 Gold Nuggets (previously 5) when mined with an unenchanted tool, or up to 24 with Fortune Level 3 (previously 20)

  • Lapis Lazuli Ore can now drop up to 9 Lapis Lazuli (previously 8) when mined with an unenchanted tool, or up to 36 with Fortune Level 3 (previously 32)


  • Fixed incorrect block lighting after exiting water with the "Improved Input Response" option enabled


  • Fixed the issue that prevented the inventory from being navigated when using only a keyboard on mobile

  • Fixed the issue prevented stack splitting from being used when using a keyboard in touch mode

User Interface

  • A bug making the "technical details" button on resource packs not leading to the technical details screen has been fixed

  • Fixed Beacon UI buttons going outside the window on smaller resolutions 

  • Items from the inventory have the durability bar adjusted so it matches the one from the hotbar 

  • Adjusted cost text in the Pocket Anvil UI to match the classic version 

  • Music Disc name text now has the same color as enchanted items

  • Added the first iteration of the new Friends drawer feature (Online/offline friends as a list, Add friends button renamed Search for players, you have no friends empty state and improved text to speech)

Loading Screen

  • The loading screen now displays 3 categories of tips based on player progression

Technical Updates in Minecraft Preview

 Add-ons and Script Engine

  • Added a Project Through Liquidproperty to the 3D Block Cursor

  • Added a CursorPropertiesChangeAfterEventto notify Editor script when the cursor properties are changed

  • Wandering Traders can now correctly display custom entity spawn eggs in their trade menus

AI Goals

  • "behavior.breed" now interrupts navigation on stop for content using engine version 1.20.60 or higher


  • Released DataDrivenEntityTriggerAfterEvent from beta to 1.8.0

  • Released DataDrivenEntityTriggerAfterEventSignal from beta to 1.8.0

  • Released DataDrivenEntityTriggerAfterEventSignalOptions from beta to 1.8.0

  • Released DefinitionModifier from beta to 1.8.0

  • Released WorldAfterEvents.dataDrivenEntityTrigger from beta to 1.8.0

  • Moved EffectAddBeforeEvent from beta to 1.8.0

  • Moved EffectAddAfterEvent from beta to 1.8.0

  • Moved EffectAddAfterEvent from beta to 1.8.0

  • Moved getTags from beta to 1.8.0

  • Moved hasTag from beta to 1.8.0

  • RGBA interface now inherits from RGB


  • Biome JSON files no longer support inheriting fields from other Biome JSON files. If this affects any content those files should be updated by manually copying the desired JSON text


  • The "entity_sensor" component now supports multiple "subsensors":

  • "event", "require_all", "minimum_count", "maximum_count", "range" and "event_filter" are now individually configurable fields of each subsensor

  • Subsensors also have a new "cooldown" field, which defines how often each subsensor should sense for entities

  • All these changes require a "format_version" of 1.20.60 or higher


  • Fix in CompoundBlockVolumeIterator that removes the addition of an extra block location in certain CompoundBlockVolume configurations

  • Update Pause Actors in world options menu using stateful menus

  • Added tool grouping support to Tool Rail

  • Added toolGroupIdproperty to ExtensionOptionalParameters API for organizing tools created in an extension

  • Added name, description, notesand defaultToolGroupId properties to Extension API

  • Added extensionInfo: Extensionproperty to ExtensionContext API and removed extensionName property

Entity Filters

  • Added new entity filter "is_panicking", which checks if the entity is executing "behavior.panic"

  • Added new entity filter "is_sprinting", which checks if the entity is sprinting


  • Renamed json to water_splash_manual.json in resource_packs\vanilla\particles


  • Improved the context of content logs when an evaluated Molang expressions results in an error

Performance and Stability

  • Require block_id for each block in the StartGamePacket blockProperties

Experimental Technical Features in Minecraft Preview


  • Fixed texture z-fighting issues in Deferred Technical Preview

  • Added Volumetric Fog and Light Shafts to the Deferred Technical Preview. This new feature works by approximating the scattering that occurs as light rays travel through the air, resulting in more realistic fog and a greater sense of scene depth. It also plugs into existing data-driving capabilities in Resource Packs for fog and volumes, so that Creators can customize the look and feel of fog under a variety of conditions.


  • Fixed a bug where the world would sometimes fail to properly shut down and disconnect clients during an unrecoverable script watchdog error

  • Updated SimulatedPlayer so it can continuously build

  • Updated SimulatedPlayer so it can Move and look in different directions

  • ChatSendAfter & ChatSendBeforeEvent

    • Changed message and sender to readonly properties

    • Removed setTargets, getTargets, sendToTargets and replaced with an optional player list property targets

  • Class ItemDurabilityComponent

    • Renamed unbreaking to unbreakingEnchantmentLevel

    • Renmaed getDamageRange to getDamageChanceRange

  • EntityTypes

    • Changed getAll return type from EntityTypeIterator to EntityType[]

  • EntityEquippableComponent

    • Fixed an issue where functions getEquipment and getEquipmentSlot could not be called within "before" event handlers

  • Fixed a bug where an ItemStack could not be stacked after clearing its lore

Those are pretty much all the added features, bug fixes, and technical changes brought to Minecraft preview. We can expect these experimental features to be present in the full game with the release of the 1.21 update sometime during the first half of 2024. Check out our guides if you wish to keep yourself updated on the latest Minecraft news or if you are looking for build ideas.

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