6 Most Useful Minecraft Commands You Need to Use in 2023


6 Most Useful Minecraft Commands You Need to Use in 2023

Surya Kumar
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Minecraft allows players to enter command blocks that can execute various functions in the game.
Command blocks are also compatible with the game’s Redstone system which means you can use it to control levers, items, and other such mechanisms.

Mojang’s sandbox has accumulated a wide variety of assets over the years, most of which have added numerous mechanics that are used for several purposes. One such system is the command block, a special tool that helps you intuitively execute several actions in the game. Using this command block mechanic requires you to enter prompts or command lines that can perform a wide amount of actions such as spawning mobs, increasing XP, cloning locations, etc. Without further ado, let’s go ahead and take a look at the most useful commands that will make your Minecraft experience a lot easier.

The Most Useful Commands in Minecraft

Clear Command

If you find yourself turning into a hoarder and accumulating tons of items in your inventory, you can use the clear command to get rid of all your stuff, if you find it too overwhelming to sort through them. This is also greatly useful if you want to quickly dispose of redundant blocks occupying space in your archive. Here’s the command:

  • /clear (targets) (item) (maxCount)

Additionally, you can also use clear@a  to clear the inventory of your nearest player. clear@a empties everyone’s inventory while clear@r does the same to a random player.

Teleport Command

This is probably the most useful command present in the list as it will instantly take you to your target location as long you know its coordinates. This means players no longer have to walk around aimlessly trying to explore different locations and it will help you save a lot of time that could rather be spent crafting or building new structures. Here’s the command:

  • /tp or /teleport (target) (location coordinates): Example /tp @p -37 9 -309

Summon Command

As the name suggests, this command can be used to spawn various entities present in Minecraft. The term “entity” here refers to all moving objects around your world such as Mobs, Boats, and Minecarts, along with any objects that can be used. Here’s the command:

  • /summon (entity name)

XP Command

Entering this command line will help you significantly boost the XP received by a specific player. Keep in mind that you will have to enter the exact amount of XP that you’d like to add. You can also use a variation of this command to increase the levels of the mentioned player as well. Here’s the command:

  • /xp (XP amount) (targeted player screen name)

  • /xp L (level number) (targeted player screen name)

Do note that you will have to enable cheats by adjusting the required sliders in the settings menu or by altering server settings. The leveling command increases only the player's level and leaves their XP points out of the equation.

Clone locations Command

Finding visually appealing locations to construct your home can be quite the challenge considering that your entire world is randomly generated. Oftentimes, it might be far away from certain resources or isolated from other villages. To counter this, you can copy and paste exact locations with this clone command, as long as you know the exact coordinates. Here’s the command:

  • /clone (area start) (area end) (destination area)

Enchanting Command

Enchantments in Minecraft can become a game changer for many players as it can significantly buff up certain attributes of items. Although the vanilla version of the game grants you 3 levels of enchantment, using this command can help you take it up to 5 levels, effectively boosting your magic. What makes this more interesting is the fact that you can use this to enchant any type of item that does not even have enchantment properties. Here’s the command:

  • /enchant (target) (enchantment) (level)

Those are pretty much the most useful commands that will help you on various expeditions you will embark on in the massive world of Minecraft. Checkout our other guides if you wish to keep yourself updated on various mechanics being added to this sandbox.

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