Last Epoch Invitation Prophecy: Where Can You Find Siege Golems?


Last Epoch Invitation Prophecy: Where Can You Find Siege Golems?

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Siege Golems are deadly creatures of Heroic rarity, that can deal massive damage, thanks to its Flamethrower and Explosion attacks.
As part of The Invitation Eos Prophecy, players are required to kill five of these creatures to receive Exalted items as rewards.
The Seige Golems are mainly found in Etendell, Liath’s Road, and The Osprix Warcamp.

Eleventh Hour Games’ Last Epoch boasts numerous mechanics that offer an excellent ARPG experience to its players. In addition to obtaining loot through exploration and taking down formidable bosses, the game also offers a system called Prophecies, providing players with guaranteed drops upon completing brief side quests. 

After joining the Circle of Fortune in Maj'Elka, you may encounter a prophecy that involves the killing of five Seige Golems. These are deadly constructs of Heroic rarity, capable of unleashing massive explosions that deal significant damage. However, many players seemingly struggle to locate the Golem’s habitats within Last Epoch’s map, spanning various Eras. Let’s cut to the chase and delve into the specific spawn locations of these creatures.

Where Can You Find Seige Golems in Last Epoch?

Siege Golems are mainly found in three different locations in Last Epoch. The first area is located north of the path from the Etendell waypoint, in the Thetima region during the Divine Era. Found to the east of Lake Liath, this is one of the easiest spots to hunt down these creatures. 


However, you are likely to find only one Golem, which means you need to keep reloading into the waypoint to farm them. Remember that you will also encounter several other foes like Osprix Raiders, Lowland Bears, etc. The other two locations are Liath’s Road and The Osprix Warcamp, located in Divine Era as well.

liaths road

Additionally, you can also find them at the Soulfire Bastion dungeon and while traversing through the Echoes in the Monolith of Fate. Keep in mind that entering Soulfire Bastion requires its special key and the Monolith of Fate is essentially an endgame location reserved for post-campaign quests. Due to this, we recommend you stick to the Etendell waypoint as it is the most reliable way to hunt down Seige Golems.


Siege Golems are equipped with two types of attacks, one is the Flamethrower, spewing a deadly stream of fire in your direction, while the other is the Explosion, a self-destruct mechanic deployed by the monster to deal massive damage to nearby enemies. 

Maintaining your distance after your first strike is key to winning your fights against these Golems. Upon hunting down five of them, you will complete The Invitation Eos Prophecy, and receive 7 Exalted Ranged Weapons as a reward for your endeavors. 

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