Is There a New Game Plus Mode Featured in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth?


Is There a New Game Plus Mode Featured in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth?

Surya Kumar
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Although Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth does not explicitly mention a New Game Plus mode, it allows players to replay specific chapters from its enticing plot.
Players get to retain all of their skills, weapons, Gil, Character levels, and relationship statuses while revisiting specific chapters.
Running these chapters with 'Hard' difficulty is the only way to complete specific achievements and acquire the coveted Platinum trophy.

Once you get past the complex multi-layered conclusion of Final Fantasy (FF) 7 Rebirth, and begin contemplating your first playthrough of Square Enix’s second entry into the FF trilogy, you might notice that numerous things can be done differently, thanks to the game’s outstanding narrative where the player and their choices are given the most importance.

Additionally, if you pride yourself on your ability as a trophy collector, you might want to jump in and tick off every achievement on your way to Platinum. You will be glad to know that Rebirth does indeed have its own New Game Plus system, eliminating the need to start from scratch again.

How Does the New Game Plus Mode Work in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth?

If you have stuck to the main plot without deviating into side quests and other activities, you might complete the game in 40 hours. Once you get through the game’s initial playthrough and its nail-biting ending, you will be greeted with a prompt, asking you to create a new save file. Keep in mind that you can only make a total of 10 so if you’ve maxed it out previously, one save has got to be replaced with your finished playthrough.

After saving, this file will be marked forever with a teal-colored tag indicating that it's a completed playthrough. However, this file will not allow you to restart the entire game again. It will take you to the main menu with options such as Combat Settings, Equipment, Materia, and more. To play through the stories with your newfound knowledge, you need to head to Settings and choose Chapter Selection.

Selecting various Chapters essentially allows you to replay specific sections of the game in any order of your choosing. However, the added advantage here is that you will retain your Character Levels, Weapons, Folios Skills, all types of owned Materia, your Gil, and your Relationship Status with all party members. Remember that any ongoing Odd Jobs will be reset, requiring you to start it again.

Besides keeping your items and statuses, you also need to know that selecting a chapter will give you the option to play it on “Hard” difficulty. Keep in mind that once you begin a new segment, you cannot change its difficulty level. As harsh as it sounds, playing through various chapters on Hard mode is the only way to complete certain achievements, especially if you are after the coveted Platinum trophy.

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