Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth’s Complex Ending Explained in Detail


Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth’s Complex Ending Explained in Detail

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Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth’s conclusion uncovers many mysteries that were left unanswered in the first entry of Square Enix’s trilogy.
Apart from adding more uncertainty, Rebirth boasts an excellent, multiplex ending, filled with several nuances.
This article contains major spoilers for Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth. Reader's discretion is advised.

Square Enix’s Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth is the second entry into the overhauled version of the critically acclaimed 1997 title. Considering that it is a direct sequel to 2020’s FF7 Remake, it answers numerous questions that were left unsettled in the first game, while also adding many mysteries of its own. What unfolds is a captivating narrative that holds the audience's attention throughout its one-hour-long ending. If you are a fan of the franchise’s storylines and would like to know the direction FF7 is heading in, here’s the entire conclusion explained as represented in Rebirth.

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth's Multifaceted Ending Deciphered

As mentioned above, the plot of FF7 Rebirth ultimately leaves you with another enticing cliffhanger, which will presumably be resolved in the final entry of the Square Enix trilogy. Considering that Rebirth is essentially an overhaul, it recreates the ending from the original game where the main characters become aware of Sephiroth’s hunt for Black Materia, a mysterious ancient orb, capable of summoning a Meteor to destroy the planet.

The Holy Protector of the Planet

While other members are unaware, Aerith Gainsborough believes that praying at the Forgotten Capital will summon Holy, the strongest white magic spell in Final Fantasy. As Cloud Strife makes his way towards Aerith, Whispers begin to surround him, manipulating him to harm her. Soon after resisting the Whispers, Cloud reaches her vicinity, when suddenly black feathers appear and Sephiroth drops from the ceiling, attempting to kill Aerith.

Thankfully, Cloud notices him and blocks his attack with his sword, which sends Sepiroth flying from the impact. When Cloud focuses on Aerith again, he notices that the damage has already been done, as White Materia summoned from the Holy appears behind her ribbon and gently flows into the water below.

Distracted by Sephiroth’s mockery and cheap manipulation attempts, Cloud fails to observe this tragic event. Once he does realize this, a sobbing Cloud embraces Aerith, who gains all her strength and raises her hand to comfort him. Naturally, he promises to avenge her.

Cloud embraces Aerith

The rest of the party makes their way into their scene, just in time for Sephiroth's bitter and cynical monologue, enraging Cloud and triggering the first phase of their ultimate battle. As mentioned earlier, the finale of the game lasts around an entire hour in terms of playtime with Cloud and his comrades duking it out with Jenova Emergent and other forms of Sephiroth.

Jenova Emergent

A Friend From the Outerworld

Once Jenova is taken down, a cut scene begins, showcasing Zack Fair, emerging from a white mist and nearing Cloud. Cloud doesn’t recognize him immediately and as soon as Zack taps on his shoulder, the misty dissipates, and the battle against Sephiroth (in his human form) begins. Ultimately, the duo successfully weakens the evil mastermind, and just when they surround him, Sephiroth strikes the Masamune sword downward, splitting the ground into two parts. 

Zack Fair

This is where we delve into the multi-layered approach that Rebirth takes. Although all the events that occurred in the ending dropped several hints, this scene confirms the existence of multiverses inside Final Fantasy 7. Following Sephiroth’s swinging of the sword, Zack and Cloud are teleported back to their own worlds, before which Zack utters “Save Her”, adding more mysteries to the narrative.

A newly mutated Sephiroth Reborn emerges from purple smoke, segueing into the three distinct boss fights. While Cloud fights Sephiroth’s lower half, Zack now battles with Sephirtoh’s upper half in another universe, inside a ruined church. On the other hand, the party tackles a Bahamut Arisen, which is arguably one of the hardest bosses in the game. The focus switched between all of these encounters, boasting a captivating gameplay experience.

Bahamut Arisen

The Healing Spirit and Guiding Light

Eventually, Sephiroth returns back to his human form and surprisingly appreciates Cloud’s valor, and tells him that he underestimated him. The antagonist challenges him to a duel again but an unexpected ally joins the fight. As the mist surrounds the scene, Aerith appears once again, assisting Cloud in his final battle against Sephiroth through her healing abilities.

The Healing Spirit and Guiding Light

What uncovers is a triumphant victory for Cloud as Sephiroth reluctantly admits his defeat and flies away as the Whispers gather around Cloud and Aerith. They return to their party members and in the epilogue, they all mourn Aerith’s death, while she seems to be standing right next to Cloud, even conversing with him. He is comforted by her presence and hopes that she will act as his guiding light on his journey, while also being fully aware that an entire multiverse awaits him.

Zack and Cloud seem to be the only characters aware of multiple timelines or universes, presumably due to their connection with Aerith. As Zack wakes up in the Midgar Church, which now appears well-maintained, he begins to analyze the surreal event that he experienced. Eventually, he concludes that his engagement with Cloud and his battle against Sephiroth was more than just a fever dream and decides to unify both timelines again, whose consequences will likely be explored in the final entry of the trilogy.

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