How To Make Infinite Craft In Infinite Craft

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How to Make love and sex in Infinite Craft?


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Infinite Craft is a word crafting game that captivates its audience by creating an endless loop of words by merging just 4 starting words - water, fire, wind, and earth.
Here's how you can craft Infinite Craft in Infinite Craft

Infinite Craft is an exciting word-crafting browser game created by developer Neal Agarwal. Although it sounds simple on paper, it still managed to captivate thousands of players with its charming gameplay system. While most word-building games only contain generic words and terms, this browser title is capable of crafting intricate and niche words which arguably does take a while to put together.

This browser game allows you to create new words by combining two-word choices, essentially ‘Crafting’ words through such combinations. Players are allowed to create near-endless fusions of words in this game and it all starts with the basic elements of fire, water, earth, and wind. 

With the game rising in popularity, many players are actively trying to come up with creative recipes. One such is the attempt to craft Infinite Craft within Infinite Craft.

Crafting Infinite Craft in Infinite Craft

To successfully craft Infinite Craft, players should note that you need both Infinite and Minecraft word blocks. Creating them can be a daunting process and this step-by-step guide will make it easier for you. Here' show you do it:

Making Infinite:

  1. Earth + Water = Plant

  2. Plant + Plant = Tree

  3. Tree + Tree = Forest

  4. Forest + Forest = Jungle

  5. Earth + Wind = Dust

  6. Fire + Dust = Ash

  7. Water + Dust = Mud

  8. Earth + Fire = Lava

  9. Lava + Water = Stone

  10. Stone + Wind = Sand

  11. Fire + Sand = Glass

  12. Fire + Wind = Smoke

  13. Smoke + Glass = Mirror

  14. Earth + Earth = Mountain

  15. Ash + Fire = Phoenix

  16. Phoenix + Mud = Bird

  17. Bird + Jungle = Parrot

  18. Mirror + Mountain = Echo

  19. Echo + Parrot = Repeat

  20. Repeat + Repeat = Loop

  21. Loop + Repeat = Infinite

Crafting Minecraft:

  1. Fire + Water = Steam

  2. Fire + Steam = Engine

  3. Earth + Fire = Lava

  4. Lava + Water = Stone

  5. Engine + Sand = Sandbox

  6. Earth + Wind = Dust

  7. Earth + Dust = Planet

  8. Planet + Sandbox = Minecraft

Now, all you need to do is combine the blocks of Infinite and Minecraft together to get Infinite Craft:

Infinite + Minecraft = Infinite Craft

You can also create the /r/Infinite Craft block in Infinite Craft by following this recipe:

Combine Subreddit and Infinite Craft to get /r/InfiniteCraft.

Players need to keep in mind that there are multiple ways to arrive at a recipe and you can choose to experiment. There are no rights and wrongs in this fun browser game.

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