How to Get the Peak of the Mountain Unique Helm in Last Epoch?


How to Get the Peak of the Mountain Unique Helm in Last Epoch?

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The Peak of the Mountain Helm in Last Epoch can be acquired by defeating The Mountain Beneath boss in the Lightless Arbor dungeon.
Thankfully you only need to complete the Tier 1 phase of the dungeon for a chance of obtaining this Helm.
Once acquired, The Peak of the Mountain Helm will provide a 240 to 290% increased chance of performing a critical strike, while losing the ability to leech health from these strikes as a trade-off.

In addition to offering 15 different mastery classes and over 120 skill trees, the immersive world of Last Epoch also encompasses various items with unique and experimental affixes. Given the nature of this ARPG, these items play a crucial role in strengthening your build and act as an integral part of gameplay. While most regular weapons and gear can be found relatively easily, items such as the Peak of the Mountain Helmet equipped with unique modifiers can be quite challenging to obtain, as it possesses some of the best stats in the game. Let’s cut to the chase and figure out how to acquire this elusive Helm in Last Epoch.

How to Obtain the Peak of the Mountain Helm in Last Epoch?

The Peak of the Mountain Helm can be obtained by defeating the final boss, The Mountain Beneath in the Lightless Arbor Dungeon. While you can reach the surface without any prerequisites, entering the dungeon demands access to Lightless Arbor Keys, which can be target-farmed by taking down Arena Champions and Monolith Timeline Bosses.

flightless arbor keys

However, you need to know that taking down the Monolith of Fate bosses might not be accessible to everyone as it is mainly focused on players who have reached the endgame phase. Thankfully, you do have the chance of obtaining these special keys from other minibosses and other regular enemies as well. Once you unlock access to the Lightless Arbor dungeon, you need to use the Burning Pyre Amber, which will act as a guiding light on your adventures through this area.

pyre amber

You need to be cautious about taking damage, as every hit will reduce the brightness of the Pyre Amber, reducing your visibility. You will have to deal with two levels of enemies, followed by The Mountain Beneath boss room. Getting past each level with allow you to choose a modifier, essentially increasing the difficulty in exchange for improved loot such as Exalted items, dungeon keys, etc.


The Mountain Beneath fight consists of two separate phases and the boss will use both physical and poison damage against you. To get through the first phase, you need to deal with Titan Spawns and then destroy the veins holding two Kindlings on each side. After doing so, you must light up the Kindlings using your Burning Amber while dodging boulders and slam attacks that the boss will send your way. After successfully lighting up the Kindlings, you will now enter the mountain and the second phase will begin.


Here you must face the Stone Titan’s Heart which will also use poison-type attacks and hurl boulders that need to be dodged. You need to deal with Flame wraiths and dodge poison beam attacks as well. After a triumphant victory against The Mountain Beneath, you now have the chance to acquire boss-specific loot drops such as:

  • Tier 1 Difficulty: Peak of the Mountain Helm

  • Tier 2 Difficulty: Foot of the Mountain Boots

  • Tier 3 Difficulty: Face of the Mountain Shield

  • Tier 4 Difficulty: Core of the Mountain Body Armor

dungeon difficulty

As seen above, acquiring the Peak of the Mountain Helm is relatively easy, as you only need to get past the Tier 1 dungeon level. Once you acquire this gear, you will get a +40 increase in Armor along with a massive 240 to 290% increased chance of performing a critical strike. You also get a +2 to +5 increase on all attributes which makes this armor truly elusive.

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