What Are Experimental Items and How to Get Them in Last Epoch?


What Are Experimental Items and How to Get Them in Last Epoch?

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Experimental Items are equipped with unique affixes or modifiers that make them extremely powerful, giving them Legendary status.
These classes of items can only be acquired by defeated Exiled Mages found in Rune Prisons.
Once you reach level 70, defeating these Exiled Mages will also grant you the Rune of Research, allowing you to seal the Experimental Affix and unlock other affix slots.

Eleventh Hour Games’ Last Epoch offers an intricate ARPG experience, boasting 15 different mastery classes and transformative skill trees for players to explore. Besides its detailed character-building mechanics, the game also provides numerous weapons and items, each with varying rarity levels and affixes that can be upgraded. 

While most Magic, Unique, or Exalted items come with standard affixes, a select few possess Experimental affixes that add significant buffs to their stats and attributes, ultimately turning them into Legendary Items. Let’s cut to the chase and delve into everything you need to know about these Experimental Items in Last Epoch. 

How to Get Experimental Items in Last Epoch?

An Experimental affix is essentially a unique modifier that some items such as Boots, Belts, Gloves, etc., come equipped with.  These affixes cannot be crafted or found through regular means and you need to acquire them by defeating Exiled Mages found in Rune Prisons across the Eras of Eterra

These prisons can be discovered at random while playing through the campaign or while engaging in Monolith of Fate encounters. Once unchained, these minibosses immediately become hostile, attacking anyone in sight, including other enemies.

Exiled Mages

The Exiled Mages typically spawn with a set of random abilities, adding a layer of uncertainty to your battles in every Rune Prison. Once you successfully manage to defeat them, you will receive at least one item with an Experimental Affixes attached to it. Here are some of these affixes:

  • Increases Ward Gain on Kill

  • Increases Ward Decay Threshold

  • Spawns Minions after using Traversal skills

  • Increases Minion damage

  • Increases Elemental damage

  • Increases the chance of finding Potions

Rune of Research

Although these Experimental affixes seem enticing as it is, they can further be upgraded to create Legendary items in the game. However, you need to reach at least level 70 and defeat the Mage, upon which you will receive the Rune of Research used to seal the Experimental Affix to its own slot, allowing you to add one more normal affix to the item.

Glyph of Insight

Using the Rune of Research and sealing the Experimental Affix on items like Gloves, Belts, and Boots will increase your chances of obtaining an item called the Glyph of Insight which will change an item with a regular prefix into an Experimental Affix. The exact affix it acquires depends on the property of the specific item. This allows you to craft Legendary items with extremely powerful affixes attached to them.

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