Here’s How You Can Easily Defeat Diamond Matrons in Last Epoch


Here’s How You Can Easily Defeat Diamond Matrons in Last Epoch

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The Diamond matron is a hostile foe that must be dealt with while entering The Upper Temple region toward the end of Last Epoch’s main campaign
Diamond Matrons are equipped with two attack types; Incandescent Blast and Incandescent Beam.
The Diamond Matron presents a daunting challenge, primarily due to its Healing Hand spell which rejuvenates the health of its allies.

Eleventh Hour Games’ Last Epoch has several formidable foes that try their very best to stop you right in your tracks. Most of these enemies have their own set of complex attack and passive abilities, requiring your full attention to take them out efficiently while conserving resources.

One such daunting foe is the Diamond Matron, encountered in The Temple Rooftops and The upper Temple areas, towards the end of the game’s main campaign. Their potent healing abilities make them a frustrating adversary, especially when surrounded by other deadly foes. Without further ado, here’s how you can effectively defeat them.

How to Effectively Beat Diamond Matrons in Last Epoch?

As mentioned earlier, the Diamond Matrons in Last Epoch belong to the Nagasa reptilian race and are encountered closer to the end of the main campaign in The Upper Temple. They are elite defenders of the Nagasa and are noticeable by their Golden Outfit adorned with jewelry, wielding a Staff. While their Area of Effect Healing ability might seem intimidating at first, they can be dealt with quite easily once you understand how to counter them.

The Diamond Matron wields a potent AOE spell called Healing Hand, rejuvenating all of its allies within a given radius, which can be a nightmare to deal with. While targeting the Diamond Matron might seem logical, you need to know that it automatically casts an area heal effect when low on health, further complicating the battle. To counter this, you need to lure the Matron away from its allies before attacking it. If your build boasts high damage output, you can also consider killing its allies before focusing on the Nagasa enemy.

incandescent beam

Besides its passive healing, the Diamond Matrons are capable of performing two types of attacks; Incandescent Blast and Incandescent Beam. The former is a light-imbued attack sent from the Matron’s weapon which propels a shockwave and attacks players in close and medium ranges. The Beam on the other hand is the strongest attack of the two, sending a huge yellow charge of energy down from the sky that follows you.

diamond matron range

The Incandescent Blast can be avoided by staying outside of the immediate range of the Diamond Matron, indicated by a circle around it. Maintaining this distance will allow you to anticipate this weeping attack and dodge it successfully. Similarly, the Incandescent Beam can be dodged by swiftly moving away from the targeted zone.

When the Diamond Matrons is casting this Beam, it becomes vulnerable, presenting the right opportunity to close the distance and unleash several melee attacks on it. Following the aforementioned methods is by far the most effective way to take out this formidable foe.

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