How to Get the Omnis Silver Amulet in Last Epoch?


How to Get the Omnis Silver Amulet in Last Epoch?

Surya Kumar
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The Omnis Silver Amulet is arguably one of the rarest drops in the game, acquired after defeating The Shade of Orobyss Monolith Boss.
This Unique can only be acquired once you have unlocked Empowered Monoliths and reached a minimum Corruption level of 200.

Last Epoch encompasses a diverse array of items that will prove to be useful tools as you embark on various adventures spanning different Eras. While Exalted items are relatively easier to obtain, Uniques like the elusive Omnis Silver Amulet can pose quite a challenge, considering their outstanding status effects. This elusive item provides significant enhancements to stats such as Critical Strike Chance, Increased Skill Levels, and buffs to several Resistances. Without further ado, let’s figure out how to acquire the Omnis in Last Epoch.

Here’s How You Can Get the Omnis Silver Amulet in Last Epoch

The only way to get the Omnis Silver Amulet is by defeating the Shade of Orobyss Monolith Boss. This Void boss is quite unique in comparison to other formidable foes due to the wide range of skill sets in his possession. Unlike other Monolith Bosses, there is no specific region to locate him, as the Shade can show up on any timeline as an Echo.

Shade of Orobyss

The Shade of Orobyss has over 30 skill moves which is the highest number of attacks out of any other boss in the game. Thankfully, he only uses a select few of them for each fight, providing dynamic gameplay, as each fight against him would be unpredictable and offer a different challenge. Once you defeat him, you will get a chance to receive 5 different Uniques such as:

  • Siphon of Anguish Gold Ring: Can drop at any Corruption level.

  • Stymied Fate Arcane Boots: Can drop at any level of Corruption but drop rate increases with higher levels.

  • Apathy’s Maw Two-handed Obsidian Axe: Requires minimum player level of 65 and at least 50 Corruption.

  • Shattered Chains Plated Belt: Can only be farmed from Empowered Monoliths with at least 120 Corruption.

  • Omnis Silver Amulet: Can only be farmed from Empowered Monoliths with at least 200 Corruption.

As mentioned above, the Omnis Amulet is the rarest drop you can obtain from The Shade and it demands quite the grind, as you have a chance of obtaining it only through Empowered Monoliths. The Gold Ring is the most common item received from this boss with an 85% drop rate, followed by the Arcane Boots at a 15% drop rate.

While 200 Corruption is the base level for chances of acquiring the Omnis, many players reported that they received their first Amulet only after reaching a Corruption level of 300. If possible, you must also try to target nodes with +12 Corruption modifiers as this seemingly improves your chances of obtaining the Omnis. Here are its stats:

  • 5 to 35% Increased Critical Strike Chance

  • +1 to Level of All Skills

  • +1 to 45% Physical Resistance

  • +1 to 45% Fire Resistance

  • +1 to 45% Cold Resistance

  • +1 to 45% Lightning Resistance

  • +1 to 45% Void Resistance

  • +1 to 45% Necrotic Resistance

  • +1 to 45% Poison Resistance

  • Value: 250

  • Required Level: 75

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