Here’s How You Can Unlock Empowered Monoliths in Last Epoch


Here’s How You Can Unlock Empowered Monoliths in Last Epoch

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Empowered Monoliths are essentially buffed-up versions of Monolith of Fate, which offer elusive rewards such as high-tier Blessings, Boss-specific empowered Uniques, and increased Item rarity.
You need to complete three level 90 Spirits of Fire, The Last Ruin, and the Age of Winter Timelines to unlock Empowered Monoliths.

Eleventh Hour Games’ Last Epoch offers a complex time travel ARPG experience where players can choose from 15 different mastery classes and equip from a colossal list of over 120 skill trees. Besides choosing from a diverse list of builds, the game incorporates numerous mechanics, a notable example being the Monolith of Fate. This endgame mechanic features a mapping system, targeted rewards from bosses, modifiers, and the added option to scale your difficulty. 

While this mechanic seems enticing as it is, it can further be enhanced into Empowered Monoliths, further increasing the challenge, and allowing players to infinitely scale the game’s difficulty to test their build and mastery of skills. Without further ado, here’s how you can unlock it.

How to Empower Monolith of Fate in Last Epoch?

Once you are done with Last Epoch’s main campaign, you need to get to the east side of the main Island and reach the End of Time, thus unlocking the Monolith of Fate. As mentioned above, each of these Monoliths will have their own Timeline bosses and specific rewards, blessings, etc. Before you unlock Empowered versions of these Monoliths, you need to know that you cannot skip the regular Monolith of Fate entirely. However, there is a way to reach them faster.

If you wish to quickly progress through the Monolith of Fate, you must skip all of the Timelines on the left side once you get to the Fall of The Outcasts. These are: 

  • The Stolen Lance

  • Blood, Frost, and Death

  • Fall of the Empire

The main reason behind skipping the aforementioned Timelines is that they only provide Drop Rate Bonuses while the ones on the right - The Black Sun, Ending the Storm, and the Reign of Dragons offer blessings that boost relevant stats like increased Critical Strike Avoidance, increased Damage, increased Resistance, etc. These blessings are far more useful when attempting to quickly get to the Empowered Monoliths.

final timelines

After killing all of the Timeline Bosses and progressing through each of them, your main focus must be on the level 90 Spirits of Fire, The Last Ruin, and the Age of Winter Timelines. Once you kill all of the bosses present in these regions, you need to head back to the island present in the middle and then click on the blue orb in its center. This will trigger an animation, denoting that you have unlocked the Empowered version of every Monolith in the game. 

empowered monoliths

You can now head back to any Monolith of Fate on previous Timelines and the game will present you with a screen, asking you to choose between the ‘Normal’ and ‘Legendary’ area levels. The Legendary is the empowered version of Monoliths and it will start with 100 Corruption with no Corruption limit, meaning you can scale it infinitely, even to an absurdly high level of difficulty. Depending on your chosen level of Corruption, you will be provided with increased XP, Item Rarity, additional Blessing options from killing bosses, and the chance of dropping more Exalted items with high-tier affixes.

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