How to Get a Takeover in Football Manager 2024?

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Similar to real life, takeovers in Football Manager can be an extremely rare occurrence.
An internal takeover usually has little to no effect on the transfer and wage budget of your club.

Football Manager (FM) 2024 is the latest entry into the long list of football simulation games from Sega and Sports Interactive. This upcoming title claims to be the most complete edition in the line-up, offering new game modes, improved AI, and other specialized set pieces that can be quite appealing to new players. 

Considering the fact that it is a simulation-style game, most events and data would be faithfully recreated to mimic real-life occurrences in the world of football. This also includes takeovers, where an existing club gets taken over by new owners and board members. Without further ado,  let’s figure out how takeovers work in the new FM 2024.

How Do Takeovers Work in Football Manager 2024?

Similar to real life, takeovers in Football Manager 2024 are few and far between. There are definitely instances of them happening but it can be an incredibly rare occurrence. Before a club undergoes a takeover, the game considers key factors like the club’s performance, the owner’s age, and affinity to the club.

As mentioned above, if a club you follow in real life is being put into the hands of new owners, it is more than likely that you will see this change in the newest version of FM as well. A team can undergo various types of takeovers such as:

  • Internal Takeover: This occurs when the current leader of your club gets replaced by another existing board member. This will accompany no drama and it will have little to no impact on your transfer and wage budget. The team’s roadmap and motives will also remain the same.

  •  Native and Foreign Consortium: A native consortium means that the club will be managed by a local businessman which means there won't be a drastic increase in funds. There will also be a few changes to transfer policies where you might have the freedom to purchase players in their prime. 

    A Foreign Consortium will provide more money than a native businessman but you will also have to meet higher demands and expectations as part of the process. You might also have to make changes to your roster, adding players from overseas.

  • Tycoon Takeover: This could possibly be the best outcome from a takeover as you will be granted huge amounts of funds, allowing you to add immensely talented international players to your roster. However, it does pose a huge challenge as you will have to quickly meet huge and daunting demands and consistently win in the big leagues.

How to Get a Takeover in Football Manager 2024?

Unfortunately, takeovers are scarce events and it is nearly impossible to trigger them in the game. Playing the role of a manager does not seem to offer control over it as the decision will be entirely dependent on the board above you. They might even fire you if the new members want immediate results and are unsatisfied with your performance.

That being said, you might attempt to tinker around with the game’s editor files or side-load saves that can be found online to trigger a takeover. It might be quite a hassle and you might even run into compatibility issues with this newer version of FM 24. Make sure you follow and adhere to the developer’s rules and guidelines before attempting it.

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