How to Simulate Seasons and Matches in Football Manager 2024?

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Players running Football Manager 2024 on PC can add a dedicated Simulate Match button by installing a skin pack of their choice.
Developer Sports Interactive has added numerous quality-of-life updates such as improved lighting, animations, and ball physics to enhance your spectating experience on matchday.

Sega’s Football Manager 2024 (FM)  is almost on its way to a variety of platforms and fans across the board are speculating about its new and improved features. Although most of it is out on the table, Sports Interactive has made numerous quality-of-life changes to the game, allowing them to call it the most complete version of FM to date. 

One of the core aspects of the title is the simulation of matchday where players get to spectate enticing games of virtual football, spanning numerous clubs and leagues. Although veteran players have grown to understand this mechanic, running these simulated matches might not always be evident to new players. Worry not, as this guide will help you figure out how to run these sims.

Simulating Matches and Seasons in Football Manager 2024 

During your managerial career, progressing from one day to another would usually mean clicking on the Continue option in the top right corner of your screen. Time is crucial in a Football Management game, which is the reason behind skipping your matchdays and directly jumping into its results. 

Although most people would find this repetitive, the devs have made improvements in this area, such as new positional play updates that allow players to dynamically interchange their position by taking the role of inverted full-back. There are also minor visual tweaks to lighting along with an overhaul to player animations and ball physics. This results in matches that can captivate your attention longer than in the previous entries. 

However, if you are running impatient and would like to skip through months of progress and analyze your club’s improvements sooner, the game allows you to do so without having to go through the hassle of spamming “Continue”.

This is a returning feature that can be found under the My Profile page and navigating to My Contracts. Here, you will find three options; Resignation, Retirement, and the option to Go on a Holiday.

Selecting this option will give you a lot of intricate options that are typical in a football management game. Players can select the exact length of their holidays and the different ways to run their club while they are away. While this trick has been used by many players for ages, it is nice to see its presence in the latest title as well. Furthermore, the simulation is also expected to be noticeably quicker than the previous version.

How to Add the Simulate Match Option to Football Manager 2024?

If you are wondering about the Simulate Match option, you need to keep in mind that it requires you to install a custom skin to your base game, as there is no such option available by default. You can find this button embedded into numerous skin packs available online. Follow these simple steps to add them to your game:

  • Download the skin pack from a website of your choice. You can try FM Scout or Sortioutsi. 

  • If you find that the file is compressed, extract the file using Winrar or other equivalent software.

  • Once that is done, head into Documents > Sports Interactive > Football Manager 2024 > skins and paste the “.FMF”  file.

  • Launch FM 2024 and head to Preferences

  • Click on the drop-down under the Skins tab and change the skin type from Football Manager to the skin of your choice. 

  • Select Confirm to save your changes.

This will allow you to have a dedicated Simulate Match” button that will show up during matchdays. Do note that by choosing to install mods for the game, you do so at your own risk. AFK Gaming will not be held responsible for any difficulties, issues, or consequences that may arise from mod installation. We strongly recommend that you exercise caution, thoroughly research any mods you intend to install, and adhere to the terms of service and guidelines provided by Sega and Sports Interactive.

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